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How Lifestyle Blogger and Fort Worth Mom of 3 Neda Khalilian Spends Her Monday

Neda Khalilian is a local Realtor® and founder of the lifestyle blog Life With Mama K. She and her husband, John, live in Southlake with their three children—Neaka, 19; Kian, 17; Ellie, 7— and their Havanese dog, Tess.

6:30AM I have every intention of getting out of bed to do a full workout, but instead, I push the snooze button for another 10 minutes.

6:50AM Time for a quick 4-minute cardio workout off my phone. Then, I head upstairs to check on Kian and Ellie. They’re both pretty self-sufficient, but I spend a few moments sitting on their beds, discussing what is on the agenda for their school day. This gives them the opportunity to talk about anything that’s on their minds before they go to school.

7AM John starts packing the kids’ lunches while I make waffles for breakfast. The smell of maple syrup makes them all come downstairs.

7:40AM Kian drives himself, so we all say goodbye as Ellie and I get in the car to drop her off at school.

7:45AM Drop off Ellie and head back home for that cup of coffee!

8AM As I sip my coffee, I check emails, follow up on the time sensitive ones, make a list of notes and to-dos, and tidy up the house.

8:45AM I begin to post content for my blog, answer calls and follow up on calls from the day before, and plan for the rest of the day between meetings, blogger events-slash-posts, volunteer commitments and figuring out dinner for that evening.

9:30AM Take a quick shower and get ready to head to the office.

10:30AM Off to the office. It’s nice having an office that is local as it takes about 7 minutes to get there, and I’m able to catch up on calls while en route. 10:40AM Get settled in and get right into work mode.

11:30AM Run to meet clients for showings. On the way back to the office, I usually try and grab a quick bite.

12:45PM Arrive back at the office and continue working until it’s time to wrap things up for the day.

2:20PM Start packing up so that I can head home in time to meet Ellie at the bus stop. Because I have been in and out of meetings, showings for clients and phone calls with upcoming blogger events, I don’t even realize three hours have passed.

2:50PM Arrive home, change into comfy clothes and start prepping for dinner. Then, I give myself 30 minutes to reply to comments and catch up on blogging things.

3:10PM Start walking down to the bus stop to meet Ellie.

3:20PM Ellie’s bus arrives, and we walk back to the house while Ellie tells me all the fun things she has done in school.

3:25PM Get back to the house and grab a quick snack while checking on Kian, who has been doing homework. Get Ellie started on homework while I finish prepping dinner and also check email.

4:10PM Ellie and I leave for her taekwondo class. While waiting for Ellie to complete her class, I catch up on my blog posts.

5PM Return back home. Ellie goes upstairs to play, and I take a few minutes to sit down and catch up on emails and phone calls for work.

5:45PM John finishes up his last few conference calls and heads out with Kian to one of his soccer practices. I start making dinner for Ellie as she has a much earlier bedtime than Kian. As I make dinner, Ellie has a FaceTime call with Neaka, who is in college.

6:30PM Ellie eats dinner, and as I put her dinner plates away, she goes upstairs to get ready for bed.

6:50PM Ellie and I choose her outfit for the next day and tidy up both her room and the game room.

7:20PM Ellie gets into bed, and we read a bit (our favorites are the Amelia Bedelia stories and the Junie B. Jones series) and say our devotions.

8PM Lights out for Ellie.

8:15PM Blogging time. I make a cup of tea and get posts ready for tomorrow.

9PM John and Kian return from soccer practice. John quickly goes to change into his soccer clothes while I get Kian’s dinner ready as he’s washing up from practice.

9:15PM John and I leave for his indoor soccer game that starts at 9:30pm.

9:35PM Emergency call from a real estate client. I walk outside to address the situation and put their mind at ease and then return to watching John’s game. There’s just five minutes left in the final quarter, and I’m glad I could catch the end.

10PM Arrive back home. Quickly send emails out while John is getting washed up from his game.

10:10PM Real estate damage control. As John eats dinner, I send emails out pertaining to the client emergency earlier and try to get that squared away.

10:20PM I make sure I am set with my schedule for the next day as John cleans up the kitchen.

10:35PM Throw in a load of laundry from today and start getting ready for bed.

11PM Put clothes from washer into dryer and check emails one last time.

12AM Get into bed with my laptop. Finish researching an area for my client and send a few emails.

12:20AM Lights out.