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How Fort Worth’s Julia Wang, the Mompreneur Behind Jamma Jango, Spends Her Day

A peek into the busy life of the founder of kid-friendly language program

Julia Wang is the founder of Jamma Jango, a kid-friendly cartoon and foreign language education program. She lives with her husband, also a business owner, in Southlake with their two daughters, Rockstar*, 6, and Supernova*, 19 months.
*Names changed for privacy

7:05AM Time to get up! I hear Supernova on the baby monitor playing in her crib—it’s only a few minutes before those coos turn to cries for milk. I get out of bed and warm up milk while Hubz gets breakfast ready for the kids.

7:20AM It’s a mad rush to get Rockstar dressed and ready for school. I remind her to finish her breakfast every 30 seconds until she’s done. She brushes her teeth while I pack her lunch. Hmm… can’t find her backpack. Where did it go this time?

7:30AM I pack Rockstar’s lunch and can’t find her backpack. Where did it go this time?

7:40AM Hubz takes Rockstar to school, while I stay behind to finish breakfast with Supernova. Once our plates are cleared, we spend some time practicing Chinese vocabulary using my Jamma Jango flashcards. She claps each time she gets a word correct. It’s adorable!

8AM Our family babysitter arrives to help watch Supernova for the next few hours. As they play, I get settled in my home office.

8:30AM Check emails, pay bills and process Jamma Jango orders.

9AM Conference call with my web analytics team to review weekly sales and ad campaigns.

10AM Business for Jamma Jango is booming (yay!), so I spend the next hour fulfilling orders, packing boxes and mailing them at the post office.

11AM Back home. I spend a few minutes posting pictures on social media. I hosted a fun, mini photoshoot of kids playing Jamma Jango games and I’m so excited to share them.

11:15AM Open the fridge and notice that we’re low on milk. Didn’t I just buy a carton a few days ago? How did we run out of milk so fast? I need to stock up on ingredients for tonight’s dinner anyways, so I make a quick run to the supermarket.

12PM Home again and have lunch with Supernova. Hands down the best part of working from home is that I’m able to squeeze in a little extra quality time with my girls. I give her lots of hugs and kisses before I get back to work.

12:30PM Time for Supernova’s nap. Yawn! I really want a nap too… but I resist the bed and return to my home office. I turn my attention to my computer to work on Box 2 for Jamma Jango. So much to do, and so little time!

2:30PM Supernova is awake from her nap by now and it’s time for me to pick Rockstar up from school. I arrive a few minutes early—long enough to have a quick phone chat with my sister-in-law. It can feel isolating at times to own a small startup because I don’t have coworkers and the majority of my social interactions is with the kids. It’s nice to have a few minutes to catch up with other adults.

2:50PM Rockstar hops in the car and she is so excited to tell me about her school day. Every so often, I remind her to practice speaking to me in Chinese.

3PM We pull up to the house. Snack time and play time for the girls. Yikes! Goldfish crackers are everywhere. I break out my trusty, portable Dyson.

3:45PM Drive Rockstar to her jiu-jitsu class, with Supernova in tow. I turn on Jamma Jango cartoons for the girls to watch on the drive over.

4PM Supernova and I cheer on the sidelines watching Rockstar learn to grapple. I have to hold my little one back—she wants to get in on the action too!

4:50PM The girls and I are home again and now they need a bath. After drying them off, I spend the next 20 minutes chasing Supernova around the bathroom so that I can put a diaper on her.

5:45PM Rockstar practices piano. I stand watching her play and think to myself how her day is so busy. Supernova keeps life interesting and distracts us both with a playful dance. Where’s my phone? I need to film this and send it to my mom.

6PM Start making dinner. Supernova wants my attention so I break out the learning tower for her to stand on while she watches me prep dinner.

6:45PM “Baba!” (That means “Daddy” in Chinese.) My husband is home and the kids run over to give him a big hug. I tell them that dinner will be ready soon, which is the girls’ cue to set the table.

7PM Dinnertime! Supernova and Rockstar are too busy playing at the dinner table to eat their food. I remind them that we can have a little treat… if they finish their food.

7:40PM Clear the empty plates and hand the kids some chocolate Pocky sticks. I munch on a few for myself. Hubz and the girls play while I clean up. Rockstar gets to practice her jiu-jitsu moves on Dad.

8PM Get the girls ready for bedtime. Supernova drinks some warm milk before I rock her to sleep. Hubz reads books and sings songs to Rockstar.

9PM My husband goes to workout, and I think about working out at home. Nah, I’d rather get a snack. Pull out my laptop to finish sending out emails, and curl up on the couch in front of the television. I snack on junk food that I won’t let my kids eat.

10:30PM Run through my to-do list for tomorrow one last time before I get ready for bed.

11:30PM Time flies and I’m exhausted. Goodnight.