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How Dance Mom Grace Fleenor of Flower Mound Spends Her Mondays

From waking up her ninja and princess to morning dance sessions

Teaching interval dance fusion and rhythmic training might sound intimidating, but not to Grace Fleenor. Now in her 20th year of teaching fitness, Grace Fleenor is an instructor at Vybe in Flower Mound. She and her husband, Adrian, a privacy and security compliance officer for IBM Watson Health, have lived in Flower Mound for 19 years. Mom to Austin, 9—also known as DJ Austin B7and Camila, 3, Grace can usually be found jamming out to her son’s latest playlist. 

5:30AM Adrian is up and has the coffee brewing. In ninja mode he makes sure not to wake princess Camila cuddling next to mommy. We are currently transitioning to a “big girl” bed.

6AM I am up doing my morning bed stretch, counting my blessings, kissing Cam’s forehead and ready to join the hustle I hear from upstairs. I hear dad chatting with little guy that “it’s the start of a new week, let’s jam on our studies, so we can have our house dance jam come Friday!” This is usually the first topic of discussion.

6:20AM The coffee is poured. One cup of Ovaltine and everyone’s daily vitamins are set on the kitchen table.

6:30AM Austin’s bathroom groom check is now taking place: brushed teeth—check, washed face—check, deodorant on—check, cologne and hair product in—all checked! Smiles and small affirmations come next. “Repeat after me: I am smart, I am talented, I will do my best to make good choices, and I will always be kind!”

6:45AM The eggs are beeping. Egg genie is a great choice! The chicken is seasoned and placed on the grill. The timer is set, and I have my game face on ready to do my 25-minute workout!

6:55AM I do a quick HIIT workout, while cooling down and crafting some dance choreography that typically comes to mind after the morning music session played courtesy of Austin.

7:25AM Just as I quick as I can sort my prep containers, and I hear a little voice from the next room … “It’s morning time! Good morning mommy!”

7:26AM I am rushing little Camila to the restroom … we have to get to the big girl potty!

7:30AM We step up on the stool, face the mirror and smile, wash our face, brush our teeth, grab Minnie and Mickey, and say we are ready for this perfect day!

7:45AM Shower, throw my gear—which usually consists of laptop, gym back-up clothes, lunch, and protein powder for later—in a bag. Taking a quick drink of my cold, black coffee, I brush my teeth, give kisses to the baby and head out the door.

10AM The workday day begins at Septien Entertainment. This mommy’s day job consists of anything and everything entertainment: assisting and handling multiple projects, working with super talented up-and-coming artists!

12:30PM Quick break to take in some much needed nutrition with my pre-prepped lunch.

1PM A quick call to check on little one: remind Oma the list of “to-do’s” when little man gets home from school!

4:10PM I am heading home to get dinner prepared, Meatless Mondays are generally easy … it’s gluten-free spaghetti time, and the salad is already prepped.

5:30PM Dinnertime, and daddy is home. Time to share our best part of the day and not so good part.

6:30PM Dinner has been served, kitchen is somewhat back in order, Austin is plugging away on his homework, and Camila is sharing her activity book and cooking up dessert on her little kitchenette. I take a quick moment to check on social media, send out a motivational post, check email, and start writing my list of “to-dos” for the following day.

7:30PM Bath time for Camila, shower time for Austin. Sometimes (almost always) it’s a few more minutes with the kiddos running around the living room, Austin creating a science project (extra credit) or something he dreamed up and wanted to test. Last night he decided to make the “Layers of the Earth” Come to find out this was solely extra work he wanted to do (while trying to melt crayons to create layers) and not an actual assignment.

8PM We brush our teeth, attempt to get Austin upstairs to read his books and unwind. Depending on the day, hubby and I alternate who is tucking in whom! Doesn’t every family do this?

8:30PM This is usually the time Austin has found himself back downstairs to share that he read for a bit, and has another mix he would like to show me. While walking him back upstairs we discuss what we are going to wear the next day and of course how we are going to get up early so he can share his music.

9PM I am making my way down the stairs, hoping that Camila is fast asleep. Adrian is working on a project at the kitchen table. We briefly discuss our day.

9:30PM Mommy is ready for her third and final shower of the day!

9:40PM It’s usually that time to respond to any clients needing nutritional advice, work out plan for the week, a quick (that usually doesn’t happen so quickly) post on upcoming events or motivational pic is up.

10:15PM This is when I shoot to be in bed, after the load of laundry is placed in the dryer.

10:30PM I remind myself it is only Monday! Time to say my prayers, and thank God for my health and family—all to wake up and do it all over again!