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How Lewisville Mom Bondie Metchore, Web Designer and ESL Teacher, Spends Her Wednesday

For the past four years, Bondie Metchore and her family have called Lewisville home. The mom of two moved from Costa Rica with her husband, Carlos, and their two kids, 8-year-old Carlos and 5-year-old Abigail. When she’s not raising her family, Bondie volunteers to teach English to adults, leads a group at Gateway Church and operates her own web design and digital marketing business. 

4:35AM My husband wakes me up to tell me he’s leaving for the airport. I wish him good luck, say goodbye and go back to sleep.

6AM My alarm buzzes and I barely open my eyes to hit the snooze button … three times. I’m definitely not a morning person.

6:20AM Time to get out of bed to wake up the kids. I head to Carlos first. I turn on his lights and open his curtains, and he slowly starts moving. My daughter, Abigail, jumps out of bed and grabs her uniform before she dashes off to the shower.

6:30AM I wash my face and grab the closest oversized hoodie. Then I head downstairs to make breakfast and pack the kids’ lunchboxes, while reminding them to hurry up.

7AM We are almost ready! Last thing to do is my daughter’s hair. This takes a while because she rarely ever stops moving.

7:20AM Last uniform check: ties, shoes, belts and badges are all on. We run out the door and load into the car to make our way to the bus stop.

7:30AM We take turns praying on our way to the bus. We set the intention for our day and ask God to guide and protect us. This is my favorite time of the day with the kids.

7:45AM We arrive at the bus stop. Abigail jumps out of the truck and Carlos is right behind her, but has to turn around and run back because he forgot his lunchbox. Once both kids are on the bus, I head over to McDonald’s for a large cappuccino.

8:15AM Home again. I sit on the couch with my coffee and my Bible. While I know that I don’t have a lot of time to pray and journal, I also know that my day will be even crazier if I don’t. For the next 20 minutes, I breathe, pray and sip my coffee in order to focus myself.

8:35AM Time to pull out my best friend—my trusty planner. I live my life by writing lists and checking things off all day long.

8:50AM Time to get dressed and hit the road.

9:20AM Every Wednesday, I drive to Keller to teach an ESL (English as a second language) class to a group of ladies at one of their houses. I pass time in traffic by catching up on Tony Robbins’ podcast. No one gets me more inspired to accomplish 100 things at once than Tony.

10AM Class starts. I’ve always felt that living in a foreign country where you can’t speak the language is like living in a fish bowl inside of the ocean, so I’m dedicated to investing a few hours each week to help improve these ladies’ lives.

12PM After our lesson is over, we share a quick lunch and get to know each other.

1:45PM Back home. I have some time to get my to-do’s done before the kids come home. I pull out some chicken breasts to thaw for tonight’s dinner, and then sit in front of the computer to reply to emails.

3:15PM My alarm goes off. It’s time to go pick up the kids.

3:25PM I’m parked outside of the bus stop. I reply to Facebook messages and publish some client posts on Instagram while I wait.

3:45PM The kids are here! They tell me all about their day and tell me how much they do not want to do their homework tonight.

4:20PM The kids have a snack and unpack their backpacks while I work on dinner.

5PM Homework time. Abigail needs help reading instructions but she loves her math. Then we practice the words for tomorrow’s spelling test three times. Meanwhile, Carlos works on his cursive handwriting, and eventually we practice his spelling words too.

7:40PM Dinner is ready, and we eat. Well, actually, I eat while Carlos complains that there is too much green in it and Abigail says that it’s too hot to eat. They pick their way through their plates of food, and then I clear the dishes.

8:15PM We all snuggle in bed and turn on Netflix. Together we watch an episode of Nailed It and some Fuller House before getting ready for sleep.

8:30PM The kids and I FaceTime with Daddy. We talk about our days and tell him goodnight.

8:45PM It’s finally time for bed. I put Abigail to bed and she, as usual, falls asleep before I can say, “Sleep with the angels.” I head to Carlos’ room and snuggle with him before he drifts off to sleep.

9:35PM Time to get some work done. I go to my room, set up my bed desk, fire up my laptop and stream an episode of The Office on Netflix. I spend the next few hours replying to emails, preparing copy for social media posts, sending quotes for possible new contracts, making changes to my clients’ websites and asking for feedback on a new web design project in the works all while listening to Dwight and Jim prank each other at Dunder Mifflin.

1:11AM My alarm goes off to tell me that I should go to sleep now if I want to function again tomorrow. I turn everything off and go to sleep faster than I can say good night.