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How Addison Personal Trainer Nicole Jackson Spends Her Monday

For the single mom, homeschooling her son means getting out and about

Nicole Jackson is a personal trainer and owner of Nikki Jay Fitness. She’s a single mom who homeschools her energetic 7-year-old son, Zion, which entails traveling, play dates, sports and staying close to their church community. The family lives in Addison. 

6AM My alarm goes off. “Nicole, don’t you hit that snooze button,” I tell myself while staring at the ceiling. I manage to get up without hitting snooze—major accomplishment for me.

6:15AM After reading all my emails that got sent overnight, I head for the shower.

6:35AM Deciding what to wear … Let’s do something different—casual-chic, I think. Then of course, I go to my standard workout tights and athletic tank with a bright-colored pullover. It never fails.

6:45AM I throw on some bronzer, fill in my brows, put on my favorite nude lip color and call it a day.

7AM Morning devotion on our prayer rug (a small section in our home we dedicate to meditation and prayer).

7:25AM I look in the fridge, wondering what breakfast should be. … Coconut milk, banana smoothie with blueberries (shh—between us, there’s a big handful of spinach added too) and a bowl of oatmeal it is! Quick and nutritious.

7:45AM I hear the upstairs bedroom squeaking and a loud thump right on cue. “Good morning, Mommy!” Zion shouts at the top of his lungs. “Good morning, Zion. Brush your teeth and wash your face!” I yell back up.

7:50AM We both sit at the table and enjoy our breakfast.

8AM The fun part—homeschool! We are doing math and writing and finishing the book Who Was Frederick Douglass? Zion is super excited about only having a few chapters left so he can work on his science project, the infamous erupting volcano. While he reads out loud and works on his question sheet, I get some work done myself by sending out emails to potential clients, creating workouts for my online clients and creating meal plans for the week that must be sent out by noon.

11AM For lunch I make a quick turkey, lettuce and tomato wrap for me and a sandwich for Zion. Once we’re done eating, we head to the gym. He’s excited that he gets to meet with his two friends—who are also homeschooled—in the playroom at our gym. While he catches up with his best buds, I work out. After my workout, we practice basketball drills together.

1PM We head back home to finish up the rest of Zion’s schoolwork for the day.

3PM I drive Zion to his robotics and coding class. When he’s excited about something, he sings—loudly. I’m guessing he’s pumped right now.

3:15PM With my kiddo dropped off, I head back over to Addison and train at my 30-minute corporate fitness class, which is so much fun.

4:05PM All done. Now I get to stop at Starbucks to get my “mommy treat”—a Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher—and do a quick run to the post office to finally drop off a few packages that have been sitting in my back seat for about a week.

4:35PM Pick Zion up (while praising God that traffic wasn’t too bad today). I mingle a bit with the other parents and let Zion and his friends tell me about the things they did. I smile and pretend I have a clue and understand everything. I’m still trying to understand the new iPhone update, and they are literally building robots and programming them.

5:15PM Off to work I go with Zion in tow. Today, I have a just-engaged couple who are working toward getting back to the size they were when they first met, in time for their wedding, and my client Nicole, who has been with me for almost two years now. While I train them, Zion steps in and out to check on us and even gives me some pointers.

7PM We drive to Richardson and have dinner with Grandma and my brother Dyland. Since I’ve become busier this year, we try to meet for dinner at least once a week.

8:10PM We head home, and while we are in the car, we play the game “my house.” It’s a game I created when I was little: You get to select houses that you’d like to have or just really like.

8:40PM I get Zion tucked into bed, pray and tell him how much I love him. I used to read to him but now he’s “too big”—he can read by himself now. (Where has the time gone?) I still offer, though.

8:50PM Mommy time. I shower, prep our lunch for tomorrow since I have the extra time, and throw Zion’s basketball jersey, shoes and favorite socks in the washer for his team practice tomorrow. I curl up on my couch and turn on the TV to catch up on the last two episodes of my favorite show, Greenleaf. This season has left me with my mouth open after each episode. (Give it a try if you haven’t seen it.)

10:45PM Off to bed I go.