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How Triplet Mompreneur Laura Alotaibi Spends Her Tuesday

The Allen entrepreneur left a teaching career to start her own business

Laura Alotaibi lives in Allen with her husband Samir. They’re the proud parents of 7-year-old triplets Adam, Sami and Zeina. After teaching public school for 10 years, Alotaibi now works full-time on her online startup, Venues N More

6AM Time to start my day. This is my time that I spend getting ready before the kids wake up. I also make myself a chai latte (my favorite hot drink) to start the day off right. I also start making coffee and breakfast for Samir.

6:30AM Samir leaves for the day and it is time to pry the kids out of bed. Adam, Sami and Zeina have learned to get ready by themselves, although some outfit choices and hairstyles are questionable.

6:45AM The kids get downstairs and have about 15 minutes to eat. Each of the triplets has a breakfast favorite: Sami loves cereal, Zeina loves bagels and Adam loves waffles.

7AM We start the “bus shuffle”: getting backpacks ready, shoes on, and snacks, water bottles and lunches packed, all in order to make it to the bus stop by 7:10 (which doesn’t seem hard but some mornings it is).

7:35AM It’s time for me to focus on my business. I arrive at the Allen/Fairview Chamber of Commerce meeting, Tuesday Morning Live. This is a weekly meeting where I can meet local business professionals as well as promote my website.

9:20AM After the meeting ends, I call back someone who is interested in joining my online party marketplace. Although I have some help on the back end with my website, I make all the calls and answer all the questions from customers and business owners.

10AM Time to meet the second-grade room moms for coffee to discuss the upcoming class party. We make plans for an epic party! In addition to being room mom, I’m also the weekly copy mom. Being an entrepreneur with Venues N More allows me to volunteer more at their school.

11:45AM Meet with Mark from FriedoNation Productions to work on a podcast that I’m releasing soon called Party Planning Radio. It’s all about how to plan the perfect party. Today, I interview Martyn Lucas, a local singer-entertainer. Starting a podcast is so much fun and is the highlight of my working day.

1PM Time to grab lunch at my house and devote some time to answering emails and checking on the website.

3:30PM Triplets finally get home from school. The real work starts now. They are always hungry, so they grab a quick snack. I’m so glad to get this time with them now. When I was working full time as a teacher, I didn’t see them until 4:30 or 5. I love setting my own work hours so that I can spend more quality time with them. We usually save their reading homework until the end of the day so after-school time is devoted to free time. Kids have free time until dinnertime, and it usually includes building with Legos, bike-riding, reading or pretend play. As a former educator, I always recommend giving kids unstructured free time as part of a daily routine.

5PM I have to start thinking about what will be for dinner. I’m a firm believer in cooking a day ahead, so I can just heat up food for dinner. I have both chili and noodles cooked, so I ask the kids to pick one. This makes for a stress-free mealtime. Samir makes it home just in time for a family dinner.

6PM I start cleaning up from dinner and getting ready for the nighttime shuffle. The kids get free time for about 30 minutes while I clean up.

6:30PM On a night with no practices, appointments or school events, the kids start their nightly routine. They are independent and can get ready on their own, which is a big help for me. I mainly just supervise and remind them to do tasks.

7:30PM Kids are finally getting around to their reading homework. I used to read to them every night, but now they are reading chapter books. It’s hard to believe they are growing up so fast.

8:30PM I start pestering them to go to bed. If I don’t tell them to go to bed, they will get lost in what they are reading and stay up too late. If they stay up past 9, it will be a rough morning.

8:45PM Samir and I pour a glass of wine—time to decompress from the day. When the triplets are awake, it is difficult for us to communicate. After they finally go to bed, we can discuss events from our day and compare schedules and just talk.

9:15PM I catch up on my DVR. Some of my favorite shows are from HGTV and TLC—I prefer mostly reality shows, ha!

10PM I try to read a chapter or two of Educated (by Tara Westover). This book is hard to put down, and I lose track of time.

10:30PM Before going to sleep, I do a last-minute check of emails and review my schedule for tomorrow. It looks like it will be a busy day again tomorrow, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!