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How Flower Mound Mom of 2 Kim Sanchez Spends Her Thursday

Kim Sanchez lives in Flower Mound with her husband, their two children, Evan, 14, and Ashley, 10, and their zoo: two dogs, Sam and Jesse, and two cats, Simone and Chi-Chi. Sanchez is the director of operations for total loss services at Mitchell International, a claims-management software company, and her husband Jay is a workforce management solutions engineer for NICE Systems. 

6:10AM My alarm goes off. Some days, I start catching up on emails or social media … but this is not one of those days. I turn the alarm off and check to be sure my backup alarm is set. Good to go, back to sleep. Lately, Jay has been leaving for work before I get up, so he has already made coffee. Amen!

6:25AM After a too-short snooze, I’m jolted awake by “Turn Down for What,” which is literally impossible to sleep through.

6:30AM Head upstairs to wake up Ashley. She is definitely not a morning person, so I have to get creative with my approach. “Good morning, my sweet baby angel-face boo bear,” I say in my sweetest voice. Thankfully, she wakes up smiling.

6:45AM While Ashley gets ready, I pack her backpack, make breakfast and pour myself a much-needed cup of coffee. As she eats, we chat about her schedule for the day. She loves structure and schedules.

6:58AM Ashley’s Garmin alarm goes off, which means it’s time to go. This year, she started walking to the bus stop with a neighbor, so I watch as she meets the other girl at the corner. One down, one to go.

7:02AM I realize Ashley’s school iPad is sitting on the counter and have a mini panic attack. Should I take it to her? Should I let her suffer the consequences? I decide to take it to the bus stop to avoid getting that sad phone call later.

7:05AM Finally get to drink my coffee and enjoy some quiet.

7:15AM Before jumping in the shower, I have the great “dry shampoo vs. wash my hair” debate. I’m working out this afternoon and most of my meetings are over the phone today, so dry shampoo it is.

7:30AM Time to wake up Evan. He is easy—within five minutes, he is up and in the shower. Then I hear him making breakfast while watching videos on his iPad.

8:15AM Half a can of dry shampoo and four outfit changes later, I’m presentable. Chat with Evan about his day and what he has going on (he’s a planner too … must run in the family). Then I grab my coffee, lunch, gym bag and laptop, and we are on our way to school.

8:35AM The dreaded drop-off line … need I say more?

8:40AM I love listening to Doctor Radio on my way to work. This morning, the show is Emergency Medicine, one of my favorites.

9AM At the office. I dive right into emails and check my calendar to see what I need to focus on today.

10AM The meeting marathon officially begins. Jay is going to Atlanta next week and I’ll be in San Diego. Thankfully, we have the greatest babysitter and she agreed to stay with the kids next week. I must admit I’m a little nervous (mostly for her).

11AM Realize I haven’t eaten yet, so I grab apple slices out of my mini fridge and some peanut butter to dip them in.

1PM Meetings continue, but I take some time to get organized for next week. I put together detailed lists so everyone can stay on the same page.

3PM Time for boot camp. We are lucky to have trainers from Steadfast Fitness and Performance come to our office twice a week. For a brief moment, I think about not going. But I know I will feel so much better after my workout, so I head to the gym.

4PM Holy sweat, Batman. My workout is done and I have energy to finish my day!

4:45PM Get a Ring alert on my phone that Evan is home from school. He rides the bus home, and then does his chores and homework. By the time we get home, he’ll probably be deep into Fortnite or playing basketball. Evan plays select baseball and once the season starts, he won’t have much downtime. I want him to enjoy this while he can.

5PM Jay texts that he is going to pick up Ashley from her extended school-day program. That means I can stay a little bit later and work on some presentations I have coming up.

5:45PM Finish up and head home.

6:10PM Walk in to see everyone buzzing around. “What’s for dinner?” “Free-for-all!” I say, and everyone cheers. This means everyone gets to pick what they want and we make it together. One wants spaghetti noodles and edamame, one wants chicken nuggets. I make Jay and me some shredded chicken. Easy peasy.

6:45PM We all sit down for dinner. We have a “no electronics” rule at the dinner table. It’s our time to hang out as a family, without any distractions.

7PM Dinner is done, so I start making lunches. It’s extra work, but I like that I can be sure my kids are eating healthy.

7:50PM Evan is off to basketball practice. Ashley and I enjoy some downtime on the couch watching a show together.

8:30PM Time to start getting Ashley ready for bed. She showers, gets her clothes ready for tomorrow and reads a book to relax.

9PM Evan gets home from basketball and jumps in the shower. After Ashley gives Daddy hugs, I take her upstairs to get to bed. We have one last chat about the day, then she’s off to dreamland.

9:30PM Coffee is set to go in the morning, bags are packed, kitchen is clean. I sit down with Evan and Jay in the living room.

10PM Evan is finally sleepy and heads up to bed. I catch up on shows and emails, then head to bed myself. It’s been a long but great day and tomorrow is Friday … TGIF.