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Our Favorite Mom Truths We Heard in September

from a forgotten uniform and lunch to poop dilemmas

“When I picked up my son from school he said, ‘I know Miss K loves to gamble and that’s the reason she goes to Vegas every now and then.’”  ––Amruta, Plano 

“Preston has chapel Wednesdays and he must wear his chapel dress attire. Halfway to school I realize he’s in regular uniform. I forget what day of the week it is at times.” ––Marie, Dallas

“My non-bilingual child tells me, ‘Mom, I learned a new word in Spanish class! Did you know that “no” in Spanish is “no” in English?’ At this rate, I’m not sure when he will be fully bilingual.”
––Carmen, Fort Worth 

“Surely a baby can’t poop in the time it takes you to get the diaper pail right by your feet––wrong! Sneezes while changing are dangerous too. Moral of the story: Never have baby on the changing table without a diaper.” ––Anastasia, Carrollton

“I dropped my 2-year-old and my 4-year-old off at school then headed to the car. My 2-year-old’s teacher met me at the door with my son’s open lunchbox, saying, ‘You forgot to pack his lunch!’ I had put in a freezer pack and bib, but no lunch.” ––Lisa, Grapevine

“I told my daughter we don’t have to tame her hair if she doesn’t want to because she’s beautiful just the way she is. Then I tried to comb her hair one day and she told me, ‘No, don’t comb it, Mama. I pretty.’ I couldn’t even argue with her.”
––Kenyaielle, Fort Worth 

Image courtesy of Mary Dunn.