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The Funniest #MomTruths We Heard in October

frightening music videos and scary escalators

“I accidently packed my lunch for my daughter. She was upset because she didn’t like it one bit.”
Jaqueline, Irving

“For Yellow Day at preschool, I dressed my son in yellow clothes, packed yellow crackers for his snack and included a note saying ‘Happy Yellow Day!’ It was actually Red Day.”
Ali, Colleyville 

“I was trying to be efficient by carrying my stroller on an escalator, thinking my 3-year-old could ride down behind me by himself. The empty stroller and I got on, and my child freaked out and was left at the top screaming.” Noelle, Dallas 

“We found out my daughter’s pre-K graduation conflicted with our vacation to the beach. She was sad, so I asked, ‘Would you like to miss the beach and go to graduation?’ She replied, ‘No. I need sand between my toes.’” Lakin, Forney 

“My pre-kindergarteners had a weather day, so I thought my kindergartner did too and kept him home. I saw my kindergartner’s teacher post a picture of his class being read to. Only then did it occur to me that he actually did have school that day.” Germaine, Lantana 

“I told my 5-year-old son about how my dad showed me the “Thriller” video when I was 2 and I’ve been traumatized by it ever since. He assured me he wouldn’t be scared, so against my better judgment I let him watch it. Not only was he terrified, but now he freaks out if any Michael Jackson song comes on!”
Andrea, Little Elm 

Image courtesy of Mary Dunn.