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Mom-To-Be: Jillian Terrell

Dallas dweller Jillian Terrell lives and breathes fashion. With a resume that includes styling, marketing and trend direction for Balenciaga and JCPenney, she’s currently the trend manager at Michaels. As if she didn’t get enough of her love for style at her full-time job, Terrell spends her spare time editing her fashion and lifestyle blog, Drastically Appropriate. Now she’s looking forward to dressing a “mini me”: she and her husband, Chris, are expecting their first, a girl.

Pregnancy—love it or hate it?
Honestly, I’ve been miserable. I’ve been in and out of the
hospital with a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. It causes severe nausea, vomiting and dehydration. I’m also really short so there’s not much room for her to move around, especially as I get closer to my due date.

What have you been doing to take care of yourself?
I am really big into manicures and pedicures and getting my hair done. One of my friends told me that pregnancy can be a lonely thing so I’ve been doing everything I can to maintain who I was before I got pregnant. I still see girlfriends, and Chris and I still have date nights. Mentally, I feel great.

What's been your favorite part of being pregnant so far?
My mom and I have always been close; she’s my absolute
best friend so it’s been fun to bond on a different level with her. She’s also my design partner so decorating the nursery with her has been really special.

Have you thought about how you plan to maintain a work-life balance?
I love my job and definitely plan to continue to work. I’m so lucky that Chris is an extremely involved and supportive husband. He has a lot of flexibility with his job so between Chris, my parents (who just bought a house around the corner) and his parents, who live in Allen, I know I will have a strong support network.

Full-time job, husband and baby…what about the blog? 
I still plan to blog. My focus may shift some but it’s such a great outlet for me. I’ve recently started following other bloggers who seem to have done a really great job of adjusting the baby to their lives instead of doing the opposite. Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe and Amber Fillerup [Clark] of Barefoot Blonde are two that I’ve really enjoyed following.

Let's talk about the nursery. What's the vibe or theme?
Chris and I both have a pretty eclectic style so we tried to bring that into the nursery as well. We mixed the more traditional Pottery Barn pieces with things from Michaels, West Elm and World Market. We kept it pretty gender-neutral, using whites and grays, in case we need to use it again for another baby. Our one splurge and genderspecific item is a custom velvet plush rocker that just arrived. It’s amazing.

Any favorite baby clothing stores or brands?
Being in the fashion industry, I probably know too much. Organic cotton is such a big thing now but does it really matter? You could research all day long. I do really like the Target Cloud Island brand. KicKee Pants pajamas are also incredibly soft and cuddly.

What has been the best piece of advise you've received?
There’s so much research and information out there. But, what’s resonated with me most is the idea of fitting her
into our lives and not completely changing who we are just because we’re parents now.

Editor’s note: Rory Scout Terrell was born on Feb. 7, a short time after this interview. Congratulations to the Terrells on their healthy little one.

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