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Mom-To-Be Brittany Edwards Cobb Talks Second Pregnancy

From cravings to her little girl becoming big sister

Brittany Edwards Cobb has a ton on her to-do list. Write for The Dallas Morning News, edit DailyCandy Dallas, find fabulous vendors for the Dallas Flea (now Flea Style), chase 18-month-old daughter Landry, push through pregnancy-induced nausea and tell us how she and husband Michael are savoring the aftershock of cocktails in the Caribbean.

DFWChild: You’re pregnant! How are you feeling this time around?
Brittany Cobb: I’ve been a lot more nauseated. And I started showing just a couple of weeks after finding out I was pregnant. I’ve also had a lot of lower back pain and less desire to work out; I’m sure that’s partly to blame on chasing a toddler around the house nonstop.

C: You’re about to be a boy mom. Any truth to those old wives’ tales about girl vs. boy pregnancies?
BC: A little bit. I’m definitely carrying Barrett lower, and there’s no doubt I started showing sooner and have a much bigger belly this go-around. But my cravings have been about the same, and I still shovel in the sugar.

C: What do you know now with this pregnancy that you wish you’d known with your first? 
BC: Very few pregnancies are perfect, just roll with the punches (and kicks!) and trust your doctor’s advice. My daughter was breech at full term, and I had to have a C-section. This time I currently have placenta previa and have to keep a watchful eye on my condition.

C: Cravings…? 
BC: Early on, I was itching for gummy bears and was a big fan of carbs, especially pasta. I’ve also wanted a lot of water this pregnancy. I’m pretty back to my normal self now, just eating more than usual and I’m always up for dessert.

C: Some women say they love being pregnant. Is this true for you? 
BC: Yes and no. I feel blessed to get pregnant so easily and feel a deep sense of honor in carrying a child. That said, I don’t love the weight gain, aches, pains and nausea. And don’t get me started on how much I miss my martinis and margaritas. It’s all worth it, though.

C: Two babies two years apart  was this part of the master plan? 
BC: Let’s just say don’t mix rum and the Bahamas if you don’t want a bun in the oven! In reality, though, we were aiming to have another baby before my husband turns 40 next summer, so although it was sooner than expected, the timing has ended up being pretty perfect.

C: So does this mean Barrett is the last Cobb baby?
BC: We think so. I’m really trying to enjoy the journey. I take a few minutes every night while slathering my belly in oil to reflect on the ride.

C: A toddler and a baby bump…
BC: Definitely makes for an earlier bedtime. I’m pretty pooped by the end of the day and have lower back pain because of picking Landry up and carrying her throughout the day.

C: How is Landry handling everything? Is she aware of the big changes coming? 
BC: I don’t think so. We talk about it with her, and she now says “baby” when I point to my belly. But other than that, she’s just busy doing things 18-month-olds do.

C: What are you most looking forward to about Barrett’s arrival? 
BC: I feel so lucky to have a girl and boy. I grew up with two little brothers, so I’m very familiar with all things “boy.” I’m most looking forward to giving Landry a sibling and watching the two of them bond. My husband is over the moon to have a little boy on the way and that gives me such pleasure too. That said, he better be a mama’s boy!


Brittany’s Top 10 Pregnancy Must-Haves

Santa Maria Novella body oil: I slather my belly in this oil every night in hopes of preventing stretch marks. The incredibly savory scent makes the task such a treat.
San Pellegrino: To curb nausea, I’m constantly drinking sparkling water. I’ll pour it in a wine glass with a wedge of lemon as a mocktail when we entertain.
Blue Bell Dipped Coconut Fruit Bar: A friend turned me on to these during my last pregnancy, and I’m hooked.
Be Maternity BeBand: This nifty device keeps me in my pre-pregnancy pants and skirts during that five- to seven-month phase before I resort to comfy stretch pants in the final weeks.
Chanel Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer: This is my magic wand when I need a little lift to tired eyes or skin.
Nespresso Pixie: I tend to get headaches while pregnant, and caffeine is the quickest remedy that works for me.
Flat shoes: I live in flats while pregnant to lessen my lower back pain and keep up with my demanding decorating jobs and toddler.
Gap Maternity: I live for their Supersoft T-shirt collection. They are great basics for layering in the winter months.
Cloud 9 Massage: I treat myself to prenatal massages by owner Denice Buchanan. She comes to our home, so it’s easy to squeeze into a busy schedule or with a baby at home.
Bugaboo Cameleon: I very rarely get to the gym these days, so I often put Landry in the stroller to get a light workout and quality time with my girl.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in September 2013. 

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Where to Shop Flea Style Today

-The original Flea Style storefront in Deep Ellum, 3009 Commerce St., Dallas, 469/520-3222, open 10am–5pm daily
-A second Flea Style storefront—featuring Heirloom Haul, an eatery, tea room and event space—at The Star in Frisco, 6765 Winning Dr #830, Frisco, 972/292-9510, open 10am–6pm daily
Game Day Style storefront at The Star in Frisco, 6635 Cowboys Way #110, Frisco, open noon–5pm Thursday–Monday
Wide Brim storefront located inside Hotel Drover at the Fort Worth Stockyards, 682/255-6467, open 10am–9pm Sunday–Thursday and 10am–10pm Friday–Saturday
-The historic Flea Style Bungalow, a boutique rental property opening October 2021 in Fort Worth


Top photo courtesy Carter Rose