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Mom-to-Be: Becky Bowen

After three years of marriage and one stint of fertility treatment, Becky Bowen, a ready-to-wear specialist at Christian Dior in Highland Park Village, and husband Kyle were thrilled to find out they were expecting. When they found out Becky was pregnant with twins – a boy and a girl, to be exact – they were ecstatic. We sat down with the mom-to-be near her Preston Hollow home to chat about everything from baby names and nursery décor to those pesky pregnancy cravings.

Tell me about finding out you were pregnant.
It was a little bit of a different experience, because we had to go the fertility route; that process was a little bit stressful. It only took one try. They did two embryos, and both of them took. I kind of had a feeling maybe that both of them would. So the first time we went in to the doctor to do the ultrasound, they saw both of them. It was kind of an unusual experience, but it was exciting. We were really excited, especially after going through all of that.
Did you already have names picked out?
No, because we weren’t really sure what the sex would be. I kind of had a list going of things that I like. I was really hoping to have a girl, because I really liked the name Stella. We named the boy after my husband’s family. There was John Mack Bowen III, so he’s John Mack Bowen IV, and we’ll call him Mack.
Do you have any funny pregnancy stories?
We were going to have a gender-reveal party for the sexes. You know, put the sexes in an envelope and get a cake made. We had all the invitations sent out and everything. I had talked to the baker. Everything was set. I don’t think the baker understood the concept of the party; he thought we already knew. So I dropped the envelope off at the baker’s house, and about 15 minutes later he texted me and was like, “Congratulations, you’re having a boy and a girl.” I was like, “What?” It didn’t work out so well. We still had the party; we surprised everyone else.
How are the pregnancy cravings?
I’m really about a cheese pizza. It can be from anywhere, really. Campisi’s is good. For a while it was cheesy Doritos for some reason – just random things.
You get to buy for two! Are you having fun decorating a nursery and shopping for baby clothes?
Yeah, we’ve had a lot of fun. We decided to do the nursery in neutral with whites and silvers. It’s been fun. I love decorating. I like the boutique stores, because they have so many little things. Everything is so cute and it’s so little. You’ve got to look at the girl stuff and then you’ve got to look at the boy stuff. I have a habit of snapping photos and sending them to the grandmas. It’s just fun to think about.
How excited are the grandparents? Will this be the first grandchild?
These will be the first grandbabies on my side and on his side too. They’re all very excited. My in-laws already bought a crib for their house, and they’re buying an SUV as a third car. They are ready.
Anything you can’t have that you miss from the pre-pregnancy days?
I kind of miss my sushi and a glass of wine every once in a while.
On a scale of 1–10, how excited are you to finally meet and hold the babies?
Ten. I was just telling my husband, “Oh my gosh. Can this be here already?” I’m not even holding them yet. They aren’t even here, and I love them so much already. It’s weird, but it’s such a good feeling. If I love them this much already and they aren’t even here yet, I can’t imagine the feeling when you’re holding them.

Published March 2013