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Mom of Three Under 3 Finds Zen in a Sleigh Bed

Moving into her family's Frisco Mediterranean villa just three years ago, Lisa Doyle says she hasn’t had time to completely decorate her house — what with the birth of three little ones ages 3 and under (her youngest only 4 months old). Walking into the house, you quickly shrug off her disclaimer.

Serene and chic with Asian accents and strong lines, her home exudes elegant comfort. “I like soothing,” Doyle admits, and everything from the original art to the colors of the walls echo her sentiment. “I always wanted it to be kid-proof,” adds the former Frito-Lay executive. The kids “have access to every room,” so “everything is in dark colors.”

Both Lisa and her husband, Matt, spend plenty of time around the house — her as a stay-at-home mom, him working from his home office — which they enjoy. “If I need [my husband], he can still come out [and help],” says Doyle. “We get a lot of good family time together.”

Quality time with the kids is important, but after her daughters and son are tucked in, she can relax. Doyle admits her “sanctuary” is “any room when they’re asleep.” But, her favorite spot, she determines, is her bedroom, where a Barbara Barry sleigh bed takes center stage. She adores this dramatic piece of furniture, bought when she was single, and uses it to get away, recline, read or even work on her laptop.