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jenny marr at her home

Mom of Quads Jenny Marr Shares Her Favorite Things

a stroller for multiples, best kids’ clothes and a great push present

Our Mom Next Door, Jenny Marr, shares the products she loves for her babies and her perspective as a mom of multiples.

Best Advice for Other New Parents

“Schedules are so important, whether you’re the mom of a single baby or two or three or four or 10. You have to stick to a schedule, but also just be aware that your schedule fluctuates every day. Be open to going with the flow.”

Go-To for Getting Around

Zoe’s The Tribe stroller is the best investment I ever made. I cannot live without my stroller. It’s the only way I can get out of the house with the boys by myself. It keeps me sane.”

Favorite Way to Get Active with Her Boys

“I love going on walks with them. They love it—they see so much. They get fresh air, vitamin D. It’s good for them.”

Date-Night Dinner

“We love hibachi. It’s like a little show, and you get to eat way too much food and drink sake. It’s great.”

Book on Her Nightstand

I just started reading the Bridgerton series.”

Favorite Form of Self-Care

I asked for a Peloton bike as my push present. That’s what I wanted, because I knew it would be hard for me to leave the house. I wanted to make sure that for myself, I stayed in shape. I love my Peloton. It has the app, too. You’ve got yoga, stretching and all different workouts. It’s important for my mental health even more than my physical health.”

Best Clothing for Her Kids

“When you have a gazillion babies, no store carries four of one size. You have to buy everything online. I love H&M right now. They have the cutest clothes, and they’re very soft and comfortable. The material is thicker and they’re a little bit better quality, so they last a little longer.”

MVP Baby Product

“My Baby Brezza Formula Pro. I call it the baby Keurig. It is the best thing in the entire world. Push a button and the formula is mixed at the right temperature in seconds.”

Photo courtesy of Nick Prendergast.