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Michelle Witten

Knife cuts, gunshot wounds and heart attacks — the list goes on. After 10 years working as a trauma nurse at Parkland Memorial Hospital, 34-year-old Michelle Witten has seen more nightmare scenarios in a decade than most people will witness in their entire lives. Though she’s no longer immersed in that sphere — she only recently stopped working before her daughter was born — the Westlake resident misses it every day.
From shared experiences with her colleagues to the heartfelt rapport she had with the patients in the ER, her days at Parkland will always be with her. More than that, they taught her never to take things for granted. And while she’s certainly had plenty of good things come her way, Michelle is not one to flaunt her good fortune — a breath of fresh air in an age where people love to bask in the limelight for as long as they can.  
We all know the stereotype that often comes along with being married to a star athlete: beautiful, high maintenance and presumably living a life of luxury.
Good luck trying to pigeonhole Michelle into that sweeping generalization, save for being gorgeous. She may be married to Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten (who started playing with the Cowboys in 2003) but Michelle isn’t sitting pretty. She’s hands-on as a philanthropist, fighting domestic violence through her husband’s SCORE Foundation, and as a wife and mother — her number one passion and priority.
With a growing brood that includes CJ (Christopher Jason, 7), Cooper (6), Landry (22 months) and baby No. 4 due in December, Michelle has a lot going on at home — even more so during football season when Jason is off with the rest of his team and she’s left with sole parenting duties. Additionally, when Jason is away, her responsibilities include consoling her little ones. “It’s much harder for the boys now that they are older and really miss their dad … my middle son Cooper would cry every night that Jason was gone last year,” Michelle shares.
So for six months out of the year, it’ll be just her and the kids as Dad tries to receive/block/run all the way to the Super Bowl. Not wasting a single moment, the Wittens make the most of the time they do have together, especially in the summer when the kids are out of school and before Jason leaves for training camp (typically at the end of July). Every year during that time, they head to their beach house in Florida for some family R & R.
When training camp does start, no one can deny that CJ and Cooper are two very lucky boys. “They love going every year … they are so proud and think it’s so cool to see everyone in their daddy’s jersey,” Michelle reveals. “The most memorable moments for them are watching practice and getting to go on the practice field afterward while he still has on his pads and he looks so gigantic. They never see him up close with his uniform on.”
But not everyone is a fan of the uniform. There will always be “Cowboys hate,” something Michelle doesn’t let get to her. Head held high, she knows how hard Jason and the rest of the team work season after season. “Sometimes things just don’t go your way. But every year is a new year and a new chance to go after a championship. Good things do happen to good people, so I believe with Coach Garrett and this team good things are going to happen this year. He is a wonderful man and coach and he’s preparing our team for success,” Michelle opines.   
Critics aside, a typical day for Michelle is probably not too far off from any other active parent’s schedule. With school starting up again, the children wake at 7am and are on their way out about an hour later. Landry tags along with Mom, while the boys get dropped of at school; this is when Landry gets Mom all to herself (at least until December) for some one-on-one time. The girls pick up the boys in the afternoon; then the real action begins. Soccer practice, flag football, basketball and the like: CJ and Cooper engage in a medley of activities. And yes, when possible, a home-prepped meal comes out of the kitchen — Michelle manages to cook about thrice a week. Things start to wind down after dinner.
“We do all the normal things that every other family does. Jason coaches the kids’ sports, we go to everything we can at school to be involved, we go to church on the weekends and have wonderful friends who also put their family first,” says Michelle. “We think we are totally normal, other than Jason has a really, really cool job.”
In many ways, Jason and Michelle exude that perfect-couple vibe: married for over a decade, high-school sweethearts who went on to attend the same college (University of Tennessee), successful in their respective fields, parents to wonderful children. In short, a couple you would love to love. Should TMZ try to do an exposé, they’d be hard-pressed to find dirt on these two; it’s just not them.
Accidental role models? Perhaps. But one thing that is completely intentional is the couple’s desire to set a good example for their children by showing that gratitude and giving back is essential. In fact, for the past two years, the whole family has served Thanksgiving dinner at the Salvation Army. “We have lots of conversations about what we choose to do with the platform that [Jason] has been given,” Michelle reveals. “I tell them that when they wear their ‘Witten’ jersey, there comes a big responsibility with that — you have to make sure to carry your traits of integrity and high character.”