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Memorial Park Playground in Lewisville

It’s not just for the kiddies—the entire family will enjoy an outing at Memorial Park (1950 S. Valley Pkwy.), so be sure to visit! This clean, well-maintained and lush park is definitely a North Texas gem. It offers walking trails, three different playscapes (with plenty of slides and tunnels), a swing set, park benches, picnic tables, barbecue grills, large trees and shares the same parking space as its conveniently located recreation center. There is plenty of space for the kids to run around safely. The three play structures are positioned closely together, yet far enough from the street and parking lot. Children can also enjoy riding their bikes and/or flying their kites, thanks to the wide-open space at the park.

This review was distributed to the City of Lewisville Parks and Recreation for further review and/or action.