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Meet WFAA's Alexa Conomos

OCCUPATION: Traffic reporter for WFAA-TV’s News 8 Daybreak and anchor of the News 8 Midday newscast. PERSONAL STATS: Born and raised in California, Alexa graduated from Santa Clara University and began her broadcast career in Palm Springs, Calif. Three years later, she packed her bags and moved to Texas for a new position with Texas Cable News. She joined the WFAA team in 2002. In Texas, Alexa met her husband, Bradley, a lawyer, through mutual friends (on a “pseudo blind date,” she jokes). The couple married and welcomed their first child, Luka, 2, in 2007. Little brother Britton, 15 weeks, was born this summer. CURRENT PROJECTS: Besides new motherhood, the broadcaster gives back to her North Texas community by volunteering with Meals on Wheels and Adopt-A-Pet. In addition to growing their family, Alexa has lent her support to her husband’s new endeavor: opening up Veritas Wine Room in east Dallas. “The wine bar has become a large project for our family; I do a lot of ‘holding down the home fort’ while my husband manages the bar and his day job!” she shares. MOST INFLUENTIAL ON YOUR CAREER: My father, although he is not a broadcaster. He always told me to explore my own career path and to follow my heart. He is a marine biologist and would be out on a ship doing research for months — he loved what he did. It made a lasting impression on me. OBSERVATIONS ON DALLAS-FORT WORTH: How many different names there are for the freeway systems! When I first started I was a bit mystified by all the different names. Learning these taught me so much about Texas history. YOUR DRIVING FORCE: My parents were the children of immigrants from Greece and Lebanon, and they instilled in me a strong work ethic. I want my kids to learn this same lesson from their own experiences with their mom and dad. It’s not just about my principals; it’s about honoring my grandparents too. LESSONS LEARNED AS A SECOND-TIME MOM: Luka was born prematurely; he was whisked to the NICU the minute he was born. My husband and I went home without him — needless to say, it was a tough way to welcome our firstborn. With Britton, however, it’s been a completely different experience because I had what’s considered a normal birthing experience. We learned so much the second time around! YOUR PARENTING STYLE: That is so hard for me to define because I’m still learning and honing that style on a daily basis [laughs]. I do know that I have to be true to my own maternal instincts, so that’s something I really stick to. If my gut tells me that something’s not right, I go with it. If I need advice, I go to my older sister or my mom. HOW YOU JUGGLE THE NEWS BUSINESS AND MOTHERHOOD: It’s such an interesting combination. I tend to worry a lot more about my family’s health and well-being because I see and read about so many different things in the media. I think it’s made me a bit of a worry wart, but that’s what comes to play with my job. YOUR MOM WAS RIGHT ABOUT: Just about everything. She told me that becoming a mom would be the most fulfilling thing that I’d ever do … and I don’t know that I believed her then, but I certainly do now. STRATEGY TO BALANCING WORK AND FAMILY: What works best for my family is preparation and consistency. I get up between 3 and 3:30am and go on air at 5am sharp (until 7am). Then I prepare for Midday, which goes on air from 12-1pm. After the show I head home and relieve my husband, who’s on daddy duty in the mornings. Luka knows that dad is here with him in the morning, and mom is with him in the afternoon and evening. Consistency is key!