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Meet Mom Next Door Kameron Westcott

This Real Housewives of Dallas cast member opens up about life in the spotlight.

With three seasons of The Real Housewives of Dallas under her belt, Kameron Westcott is a bona fide reality TV star. A self-proclaimed Real Housewives superfan,” she says it’s a distinction she never dreamed she’d receive. But she’s taking it in stride, using the newfound fame to further her philanthropic work and grow her pet supplies brandSparkleDog

She has plenty to keep her busy, with a chock-full social calendar, a marriage and two childrenHilton, 9, and Cruise, 6(Fun fact: Cruise was once on the cover of DallasChild.) We caught up with Westcott to talk about life in front of the lens.  

About The Real Housewife

Age: 36
Hails from: Montecito, California
Lives in: Highland Park
Significant other: Court Westcott, venture capitalist 
Alma mater: Southern Methodist University
Motto: “Blonde by birth, pink by choice”
Real Housewives tagline: “Just because I look like Barbie, doesn’t mean you can play me.” 

Interview with Kameron

DFWChild: How do you balance running a business with filming and family?
Kameron Westcott: 
Its extremely hardIts all about prioritizing. Im oldfashioned and keep a planner, where I write everything down. I carry a list in my purse and keep a backup on my phone. 

C: You must have a great support system.
KW: My staff and husband help me. My nanny is like Mary Poppins. She may be at the tailor one minute and then at a soccer game or picking something up from Neiman’s for me the next. I also have an amazing assistantIt takes a village.  

C: Do you struggle with guilt when you have to be away?
Mom guilt is so bad. It’s the worst. I think there needs to be a class to help moms with this constant guilt. I wish there was a place we could go to be reminded that it’s OK to take time away from the kids. I think a lot of moms forget that.  

C: Are you any easier on yourself now than you were as a new mom?
KW: I don’t think so. The difference is the kids are in school now, so I have a little more time to work on things. My little boy is in primer [the transitional year between kindergarten and first grade]which [gets out later and] has given me one more hour. I’m always hurrying to get everything done before I get in carpool line. 

Managing Self-Care

C: How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
KW: Probably around seven. Sometimes it’s six. 

C: What do you do for yourself to stay happy and centered?
KW: I don’t have time to go to the spa, so I have a masseuse come to my house because it gives me more time. I have everything come to me. I know it’s more expensive, but my time is valuable and I don’t have time to be sitting in traffic. For me, getting my nails done at my house works. I use [the app-based service] Cherry 

C: Are there any golden rules you try to live by?
KW: I’m always telling myself to enjoy the momenttry to be present and put the phone away. It can be hardIt’s a problem for everyone and it’s something I’m working on. 

Charitable Efforts

C: You do a lot of philanthropic work. What are you focused on right now?
KW: I’m going to be a presenter for Dec My Room [which creates healing spaces for hospitalized pediatric and young adult patients] this spring, which I’m super excited about. I’m also really involved with Susan G. Komen. I chaired the luncheon last year and raised around $400,000. I did it in honor of my girlfriend, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Seeing what they go through is just horrid. I ended up partnering with Susan G. Komen so that every bag of SparkleDog food sold gives back.   

C: Why is giving back so important to you?
KW: Not everyone is blessed with the resources we have. It’s important to raise our children to understand how lucky we are. 

Life in Texas with Court

C: How do you and your husband Court stay connected?
KW: We have date night every week, no matter what. It’s required. We get massages together. We go on walks on the weekends.  

C: You’ve been in Dallas for a while now. Does it feel like home?
KW: I will always have a place in California because that’s where I grew up, and I still consider myself a Cali girl. But I’m definitely a Texan now. 

C: What do you think is the biggest misconception about Dallas?
KW: No one is in cowboy boots, unless you’re going to a Western-themed party or down to Gilleys. Dallas is a metropolitan citynot a Western town. 

Kameron Westcott with her kids, Top image courtesy of Kristen Beinke Photography

On The Real Housewives of Dallas

C: Were you familiar with Real Housewives before joining the cast?
KW: I was the biggest fan of all time. I was that mom at home breastfeeding and watching Housewives. It was my guilty pleasure.   

C: How did you come to join the show?
KW: Cary Deuber was on the cast. I met her through Junior League years ago and she put my name in a pile to be interviewed. When they first interviewed me, I thought I’d do it just for fun. I kept interviewing and somehow got a contract. I thought, Oh, no! I have to back outCourt’s family didn’t want me to do the show and I agreed. But you only live once and I didn’t want to have regrets. Well, here I am! 

C: What has surprised you most about the experience?
KW: People recognizing me. I never thought that would happen.  

C: How has your life changed?
KW: Other than people recognizing me, nothing has really changed. My life is the same. I’m just under a microscope, and if I mess up, everyone knows. 

Staying Grounded on Reality TV

C: Was it difficult to learn to live so out loud?
KW: It’s not difficult for me because I’m pretty mellow. I’m not someone that’s going to hurt people’s feelings. I’m not the one that’s going to be running around naked. I know as long as I’m true to myself, that’s all that matters. Usually, my instincts are pretty on point.  

C: Still, people are cruel. How do you avoid the negativity?
KW: It’s really hard to avoid. There are so many mean people on Twitter. Thankfully, I have fans that will protect me and put them in their place, but sometimes those fans are at lunch. It can get to you. I have to remember, people only see a slice of the moment and there’s so much more to the story.  

C: What has watching yourself taught you?
I do a lot of weird things like nodding my head too much. I also need to be more direct and stick up for myself more.  

C: What keeps you grounded?
KW: Family time is what grounds me. My kids are my life. The show is just a slice of my life. The minute my children aren’OK with the show, I will quit. They are my No. 1 priority.  

Kameron Westcott’s must-have products and places:

Dessert: Custard from Wild About Harry’s in Dallas
Eats: Oriental chicken salad at Cafe Pacific in Dallas
Me Time: Spa day at the Joule, shopping at Highland Park Village, and ultrasound facial at Blue Mermaid Spa
Shopping: Hadleigh’s and Lela Rose for her; The Tot and Jojo Mommy for the kids
Beauty Favorites: including The Quench by BeautyBio, highlights at Blow Salon Dallas, and DIOR Airflash spray foundation

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Photo courtesy of Kristen Beinke Photography