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McKinney's Al Ruschhaupt Park

Location: 2701 N. Brook Drive in McKinney, neighboring Wilson Creek between Hardin Boulevard and U.S. Highway 75. 

What makes it noteworthy: The impressively large play structure at Al Ruschhaupt Park is tucked away in a quiet area with minimal traffic. Surrounded by walking trails and a bounty of trees, the log cabin-themed play area desinged for agees 5-12 is chock full of slides, ladders and swings (regular, adaptive and baby). Accessible bridges and low-to-the-ground climbing structures provide more excitement for kids of all abilities, while the Astroturf below cushions fallas and prevents scraped knees. Kids can find matching and braille games to play as well.  

Extras: Benches and picnic tables border the entire playground, so you can keep an eye on the crew at all times, while on-site restrooms allow for uninterupted fun. 

Safety: The playground received an A* on the Playground Safety Report Card. Though the play area is not separated by age, the well-built equipment, kid-friendly turf and easy vantage points for parents all make for a safe, enjoyable afternoon int he park. 

+ Accessible equipment
+Easy parking
+Lots of beches

-No separate area for kiddos under 5

Our Rating: 4.5/5 

*Based on the National Program for Playground Safety’s Report Card at playgroundsafety.org

Published January 2017