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Fashion Influencer (and New Mom) Lauren Vandiver Green Talks Maternity Style

Will the fashion blogger become a mommy blogger?

Lauren Vandiver Green is the brains behind Vandi Fair, a fashion and lifestyle blog with a Texas-size following. After working in the industry building major fashion brands, Green decided it was high time to start her own thing. Vandi Fair is a platform for “positive imagery and messaging” with an emphasis on bright clothing and accessories that just make you smile. But no smile is bigger than this young Dallasite’s as she talks about welcoming her first child—a daughter, Everly—with husband Cole.

Will the focus of your blog change now that you are a mom?
The mommy-blogger element will be incorporated, for sure. I actually started my blog with the idea that one day it could be a full-time career where I could stay at home with my kids. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a mom and also have a career but with the flexibility to stay at home. I want my blog to evolve and be authentic to what’s going on in my life. And obviously being a mom is now the most important part of my life.

Maternity clothing. Loved it or hated it?
Honestly, I was not so impressed with the options. I did invest in a pair of Paige denim maternity shorts since I was pregnant over the summer. But as for tops and dresses, I really just shopped for specific styles—empire waist and flowy tops. Free People became one of my favorites because of how flowy and boho their styles tend to be. I am happy that it’s now acceptable to wear nonmaternity clothes. There is a brand, Sexy Mama Maternity, that I wore to my showers. Their clothing is form-fitting with dresses that really show off your bump. It took a long time for my bump to show, so when it finally did, I did not want to hide behind a tent!

Everly is a very unusual name. Where did the inspiration come from?
I had so many name ideas, but Cole was really hard to please. He kept shutting all of my ideas down. He wanted our baby’s name to be meaningful and he was the one who thought of Everly as a family name—my Gigi’s name is Beverly. As for her middle name, we choose Austin because that’s where we met and spent six years of our life. I love that we came up with a name that’s newer but still has family roots. Naming a human is a very important responsibility and can be a daunting task.

Does Everly’s nursery have a theme?
It will; we are moving into a new home at the end of the month. I’m so eager to get her nursery together. It’s a Peter Pan theme but a girly version—very whimsical and floral. I’m pretty obsessed with Disney and I’m hoping and praying that Everly will be too.

How do you and your husband plan on focusing on your relationship while also being new parents?
This is something we have talked about since before Everly got here. While I was pregnant, I read Babywise. It talks about prioritizing your marriage as one of the best things you could do for your child. Naturally, you will make changes and sacrifices for your children but keeping your marriage at the center is just as important. We’ve already talked about date nights—we’re going to have our first one this month.

What has surprised you the most about motherhood?
Ever since she was born, I wake up every day with a new sense of purpose, fulfillment and this overwhelming happiness that I didn’t even know existed. I keep thinking, How was my life ever complete without her? She brings such joy to our lives. You know those minor life stresses? I don’t even think about those anymore.

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