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Mark Twain Park in Richardson

For any kid who enjoys getting a little fanciful in the afternoon, Mark Twain Park in Richardson is the place to go. They can climb a rock wall, ride the back of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, zoom through the streets on a pretend sports car or play hero as they cruise the park behind the wheel of the fire truck. And these are just a few of the options to keep little ones entertained.

From the benches that surround the play areas, adults can easily watch their kids romping around on the equipment. There are separate areas for kids ages 2-5 and 5-12, though they are not clearly distinguished—the biggest problem here. And the height of the play structure for older children is higher than 8 feet, a potential danger, though the equipment is designed in a way that children should not be able to misuse it.

This review was distributed to the City of Richardson Parks and Recreation for further review and/or action.