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Mark Cuban on Kids & Sports

Your young sports fans may not want to stop reading long enough to go to practice, thanks to two books just for kids featuring the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s Go, Mavs! by Mark Cuban and How ‘Bout Them Cowboys! by Aimee Aryal introduce the basics of good sportsmanship with the thrill of kids’ local favorite teams.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban told DallasChild that his own two daughters were the motivation for writing Let’s Go, Mavs! “It’s all about good sportsmanship,” he explains. “It can be read by parents or by older kids. The message is simple but important.”

Through the adventures of Cort the Sport, other Mascot Books sports books help kids learn how to handle challenges such as game-day nerves and not making the team. There’s also a growing line of team-specific books for college and professional teams.

The Cuban kids seem to agree that Let’s Go, Mavs! makes a good read, even if they were too young to understand much about sportsmanship when their dad wrote it. “At 3 and 6 months at the time, they were just enjoying Daddy reading them a story,” Cuban confesses. “Although my 3-year-old wanted to know if Cinderella was going to be in it, since she is her favorite.”