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How Mansfield Mom of Two Jamie Jackson Spends Her Wednesday

There’s no one busier than a single mom who fits work into her kids’ sports passions.

Jamie Jackson is a single parent to her 12-year-old son, Devon, 3-year-old daughter, Morgan, and mischievous Pomeranian, Sassy. Jackson, 36, is an implementation project manager for a large pharmacy benefit manager, and she’s working toward a degree in public health administration. When she’s not studying, she loves reading, going to the gym, trying new recipes and spending time with her kids at their home in Mansfield. 

6AM Alarm goes off. I lay in bed for about five minutes contemplating if I want to really get up.

6:05AM Start reading my daily devotional. I committed to a plan to read the Bible in one year, and this is the quiet time I have to get my daily reading completed.

6:15AM Wake my son up for school, and head to take the dog out.

6:30AM Make sure my son actually got up to start getting ready. He is not a morning person. Feed Sassy, and let her run around a bit while I fix me a protein shake for breakfast. Quick, easy and healthy is the way to go.

7AM Take the dog out again, and put her in her crate. Wake my toddler up to get her day started. This is usually accompanied by a lot of push-back. She is not a morning person, either. Check my phone for any important work emails.

8AM Toddler and I finish showers and getting dressed, and I pop the kids some great fast breakfast meals in the microwave and grab some orange juice boxes.

8:15AM Load everyone in the car, and attempt to get my son to school with some time to spare. Make a quick check to ensure we aren’t missing anything, which happens often with kids who are zombies in the morning.

8:45AM Log my daughter into ABC Mouse or Khan Academy Kids while I log into work to return emails and scan meetings for the day. I am a telecommuter, so she stays home with me. She does her “work” while Mommy does hers.

9AM Finish morning meeting, and head to the car so we can go to ballet.

10AM Ballet practice with my daughter. Chat with other moms about mom life with toddlers who are 3 going on 33, and look over project plans for new implementations. Ballet time is blocked off on my calendar, so this is a meeting-free time. Love watching my daughter and her friends dance but wonder how the teacher does it without losing her sanity.

11:15AM Out of cheerleading, and time to grab some lunch. Ask Morgan if she wants to eat out or at home.

11:30AM We decide on home, so we can hang out comfortably. The dog can get let out to play, and I can get some work done.

NOON Fix Morgan some ravioli and vegetables, and myself some zucchini turkey spaghetti I made the night before, and let the dog out.

12:20PM Get Morgan situated at her table with one of her favorite TV shows. Sit down and eat while I attend client meetings.

1PM Morgan finishes eating, and her show goes off, which warrants a Level 2 tantrum. This causes the dog to start whining for attention, too. Thank goodness for the phone’s mute button. Working from home with a toddler and a dog, it is a lifesaver.

1:30PM Lay Morgan down for a nap—or at least attempt to. Throw clothes in the washer; wash a few dishes.

2PM More internal and external calls that could have been emails. Say a silent prayer that Morgan is napping. This hardly ever happens, so I’m in shock.

2:30PM Throw clothes in the dryer. Yay! I remembered. Take meat out of freezer to defrost for this evening. I definitely should have done this last night.

3PM One last work call. Answer more emails. Submit project plans, and quality-check completed projects.

3:30PM Wake Morgan up, and head out to get her brother from school.

4:15PM Pick brother up from school, grab some Chick-fil-A and run home to change for extracurriculars.

5PM Head out to our Wednesday evening routine. Morgan has tumbling and Devon has basketball practice.

5:30PM Watch Morgan doing tumbling. It still scares me to see my baby girl doing flips, but once she found out Mommy used to be a cheerleader, there was no stopping her from being one, too. Glad she thinks I’m the bee’s knees, and I’m praying it will last forever, but realistically, I know I probably have a year, two tops.

6PM Tumbling is over, so now we have to run Devon to basketball practice and pray we aren’t too late. I’m an early bird, so having these two things so close together makes me nervous, but it works better for us to get most things done on one night.

7:15PM Leave basketball practice, and head home. Glad my kids had a good evening and got some good activity in with their extracurriculars.

7:30PM Devon hops in the shower. Meat is still kind of frozen, so I pop a Stouffer’s lasagna and some garlic bread sticks in the oven along with some steamer mixed vegetables in the microwave. While this is cooking, I give Morgan a quick bath.

8PM Everyone sits down to eat and talk about their day. Devon starts homework and studying. Thank goodness there’s not a lot of schoolwork tonight.

9:30PM Kids are in bed. Check emails one last time. Send off application to school. Time to relax, so I find the next episode of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video. Love that show—can’t wait for the new season.

10PM Lights out. I need some shut-eye, so we can get up and do it all over again.