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MacBook Air

Apple’s latest and greatest invention, the MacBook Air, is thin, fast, and you’ll look great behind it while everyone glances over at you, green with envy. But really, what does the MacBook Air mean for busy moms on the go, working or not?

Let’s break this down … in mommy terms. It’s skinny — and the envy of everyone who isn’t (or rather their laptop) — which translates to portability and the ability to stash it in your oversized bag on a moment’s notice when the kids start screaming. It’s full-size, with a standard keyboard and 13.3 inch LCD backlit screen (an added bonus for those mommies who have to resort to glasses to read the small print).

Another plus for moms-on-the-go is the long-lasting battery life of five hours. It’s not the same as a regular MacBook, but think of this as the “mini” version … slightly cuter and more for play than serious, hard work. Finally, for those moms who want to make the earth a “greener” place, the MacBook Air fills that need too. It’s Apple’s first Mercury-free display with arsenic-free glass and an aluminum enclosure, a material popular among recyclers.

Did we mention the MacBook Air uses the least amount of power of any Mac? If you think that’s impressive, then you’ll really love that even the retail box is made primarily from 100 percent post-consumer materials.

So whatever your “needs” for a computer may be, you’ll want to get your hands on the newest member of the Apple family (and make sure that your little ones keep their hands off!).