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Lori Jordan-Rice

occupation: Children’s book author

personal stats: Lori, who was born and raised in Lewisville, began her career as a teacher after graduating from the University of North Texas. She married her high school sweetheart, Eric (they just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary!), and the pair soon welcomed their first son, Jarrett, now 12. While raising Jarrett and working in the classroom, Lori noticed her students would become easily bored during history lessons. So, she rededicated her life to encouraging kids to read historical literature. She penned a book series called Miss Trimble’s Trapdoor, imaginative tales that introduce kids to historical figures like Christopher Columbus and the Founding Fathers. While she was busy adding to her book series, her family grew as well (adding sons Rylan, 10, and Sterling, 5). The Rices reside in Saginaw where Eric works as a federal agent for Homeland Security.

motivation behind your books: “I spent a decade in the public school system, teaching … there was a real need for a way to get kids excided about the stories of our past and a way for them to relate those lessons to their own lives. As a parent, I also saw a lack of wholesome, quality books that were both educational and fun.”

a glimpse at your workday: “I play taxi getting my boys to three separate schools and their sports practices and games, help with homework, do multiple loads of laundry and squeeze in time at the gym. In between, I am on the computer writing and working on promoting my books.  If I have a book signing or school reading scheduled that day, only the essentials get done!”

how you juggle writing and motherhood: “I have to be creative and use every available opportunity to multitask, like while sitting in traffic, waiting on the kids … I carry a notebook at all times! I’m also a night owl, so I do a great deal of writing when all my boys are asleep. Having my youngest son in preschool two days a week also buys me a few extra hours.”

what your kids think of your books: “They are my biggest fans and brag about me to anyone who will listen. They have read my books with me so much I think they have much of the stories memorized! And, my boys are my best editors. They don’t hesitate to tell me what parts of a story are fantastic, or offer suggestions to elements they find boring or confusing.”

what has been motherhood’s greatest challenge: “There are always unexpected, day-to-day challenges that crop up when you least expect them. But, I find handling all the testosterone of three boys a huge challenge—I often am on my own because my husband travels so much with his job.”

your family’s steps to ‘going green’: “Every member of our family knows how to identify goods that can be recycled. The boys think it’s pretty cool to imagine how cans are crushed and remade into new items. We also turn every thing that’s electronic off—a small miracle—and get outside as often as possible.”