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Local Moms Reveal Their Favorite Mother’s Day Presents Ever

Gifts from their families that meant the most

Oh, May. We’re getting out of those April showers (or at least trying to escape them), the flowers are blooming, and it’s only a few weeks until Mother’s Day. So, we asked local moms to share stories about the best Mother’s Day presents they’ve ever received on the special holiday (because, hey, you deserve it Mom!)

Read on to learn what made these local moms’ day extra special, ranging from material items to heartwarming stories. Who knows, their stories might inspire ideas for your own Mother’s Day request. And yes, we encourage you to send this article link to your loved ones (wink, wink).

“You can never go wrong with chocolate.”

“I received a Michael Kors rose gold watch on my first Mother’s Day.” —Amruta, Plano

“My 4-year-old told my husband he wanted to go to the store to pick out my favorite things. I received flowers, candy, a pineapple and a single green apple. Still my favorite–and weirdest–gift basket ever.” —Ali, Colleyville

“Best Mother’s Day gift was a gift card to our local nursery. A beautiful garden is a work of heart!  We spent the afternoon planting a vegetable garden together!” Shelley, Highland Village

“Antony was born at 23 weeks, 1.7 lbs. He stayed in the NICU for nearly a year battling multiple health issues including necrotizing enterocolitis. Hands down, best gift: I received transportation support (car service) to and from the NICU, which was about 45 minutes away from my home.” —Nicole, Little Elm

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“My all-time favorite Mother’s Day gift would have to be a MAC makeup gift basket, including a gift card, brushes, palettes, cleanser––the works. Also, chocolate. You can never go wrong with chocolate.” —Jadah, Lewisville

“The best gift ever received was breakfast in bed with a mimosa in hand, and a clean house!” —Elizabeth, Dallas

“My little spring chickens were both born in May. Therefore, I’ve gotten the best Mother’s Day gift just from having them the past few years. Mother’s Day was always a super difficult day for me growing up, so having these two incredible ones to celebrate with me is everything!” —Ashlee, McKinney

“On Mother’s Day, there is no official celebration in our home because of our beliefs. However, my husband and my son let me enjoy my personal time alone the whole day. I self-care, pamper and relax with no stress from having to look after them for once.” —Papatia, Dallas

“The best gifts have been homemade gifts from my son. The best gift I received that wasn’t homemade is the James Avery charm bracelet my husband gave me when I was pregnant. The charm was a heart, and it had my son’s name engraved on the back. My husband included a note stating he would add a charm each year until my son is 18. Every year he gets a meaningful charm to add to my bracelet (my son is 5 now). I also enjoy a spa treatment at Corinthian Spa that he included with the charm last year!” —Jana, Lantana

“When I first moved to Texas, my husband got me tickets to the rodeo for Mother’s Day. At first I thought it was a strange present, but we had so much fun, and it has become a fun thing we do every year now.” —Bondie, Lewisville

A trip to see my college girlfriends! Can’t ask for a better gift than R&R, hanging with old friends and a bottle of wine!” —Erika, Coppell

“I received a relaxing massage at a spa.” —LaTari, Cedar Hill

“Last year my hubby was full of jokes, and he got me a laser hair removal package for Mother’s Day. He knew ain’t no mama got time for shaving.” —Nika, Frisco

“Every Mother’s Day, my husband and daughters will travel to every restaurant I love in town and get all of my favorite items. They build an entire meal around my favorite foods.” Lillian, Prosper

“My most memorable Mother’s Day gift was a bar necklace I received from my mother! It has a “P” engraved on it as my sons name is Preston. I love it because every time I wear it I am reminded of my Why. Preston is and will always be my drive and my why to everything I do!” Marie, Dallas

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This article was originally published in May 2019.

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