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Baylor Scott and White's new hospital app resource for covid-19

Local Hospital Helps You Monitor Kids’ COVID-19 Recovery at Home

a digital tool for your family

As kids go back to school—creating more potential for exposure to COVID-19—DFW health care systems are sharing a variety of resources that will help you protect and monitor your children’s health. There’s also valuable information for Mom and Dad’s well-being, too. We’re taking a look at some of the best offerings to help you keep your family as healthy as possible.

We know that most kids diagnosed with COVID-19 will have less severe illnesses than adults, particularly adults with underlying conditions. Kids who do have mild cases of the virus typically recover at home—but even if you have to isolate, you don’t want to feel alone as you tend to your little one. Baylor Scott & White Health is launching a digital tool to help parents care for children diagnosed with COVID-19, regardless of whether they are established Baylor Scott & White patients.

“We developed this program to give our patients as much support as possible as they navigate the uncertainty of the virus,” says Dr. Tiffany Berry, family medicine physician and chief medical officer, Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance.

Through the health and hospital system’s app and online portal, MyBSWHealth, moms and dads have access to extensive assistance.

“This new at-home monitoring uses Baylor Scott & White’s MyBSWHealth app to provide at-home monitoring support, including detailed quarantine instructions, twice daily symptom checking, dedicated care management and calls with a nurse, if needed,” says Berry. “All of these aspects of our care are offered at no additional charge.”

Parents will receive regular messages asking how their child is feeling. If the parent needs to speak with someone, a nurse will call back to answer questions and schedule an appointment, if needed.

The program also offers diagnostic office visits, video visits and testing; those services are billed as normal.

So far, more than 150 pediatric patients and their families have been supported by Baylor Scott & White Health teams in their at-home COVID recovery.

“Isolation can be very lonely for people,” says Berry. “This really helps the parents while they are caring for their children.”

Parents should be mindful of the risk of contracting COVID-19 themselves if their child has the virus. “While we don’t have much available data on this yet, families should treat anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 as highly contagious,” notes Berry. “There are steps that can be taken to mitigate transmission, such as face coverings and hand hygiene. But we know that it is difficult for parents and children to maintain distance from each other, especially when a parent is caring for a sick child. Therefore, transmission from children to parents is probably highly likely.”

If you do contract the virus, Baylor Scott & White also provides at-home support for adults. Since May, more than 15,000 Texans have taken advantage of the app service.

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