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Local Flavor

If you ask around, you’ll get a pretty solid consensus on eating green: Pesticides are bad. But what if that genetically unmodified, hormone- and fertilizer-free strawberry was shipped from a farm 2,000 miles away? According to Amanda Vanhoozier, committee member of the Coppell Farmers Market (972/304-7043; coppellfarmersmarket.org), it’s important to provide communities with the choice of local food. “It’s better for the environment that you’re not trucking,” she says, pointing out that all the produce at Coppell’s farmers market comes from farms within 150 miles. “[The farmers] are out there picking that morning before it comes to us.” An added benefit of eating local is that you can learn about seasonal eating, she says. April in Texas is a great time to harvest broccoli and carrots, whereas some place like Oregon, those crops are at their peak in the summer months. “Everyone gathering around local food makes a stronger community,” she shares. Join in! You can also sample the local flavor at the Old Town Lewisville Farmers Market, which runs May-Sep (972/219-3401; cityoflewisville.com).