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Little Friends of North Dallas

Plano mom Linda Novak, organizer and treasurer of the Little Friends of North Dallas, has plenty of playmates for her sons Logan, 3, and Ashton, 20 months, all thanks to her popular playgroup. The group started out as 2006 Babies, but as it grew—and those babies became older siblings—the organizers decided on a name change, and they haven’t looked back since. The Little Friends’ 43 moms get together for outings across Collin County and have formed friendships right along with their kids.

"The group started in June of 2006 by a group of mothers who wanted to make long-lasting friendships with other moms, have other moms to discuss anything and everything with, and provide their babies an opportunity to grow and play with other kids their age. We limit the group to about 75 so that we can stay a close group and build lasting friendships.

In the spring and summer, we have a lot of play dates at parks in the area. We also do monthly craft play dates, holiday parties and more. We also have a lot of play dates at members’ homes, just to let the kids—and moms—get together.

Over the last two years we have also supported troops overseas. We meet monthly to collect donations of items or cash, and one of the moms in our group researches where and to whom to send the items. Many of the soldiers have no families to send them basic toiletries.

Even if there isn’t a play date that we can make for a week or two, we will call one of the moms from the group and meet them out somewhere. My favorite thing about being in the group is the good friends both myself and my sons have made and knowing there is someone who is going through the same stuff as me.

Anyone can join, although we prefer kids around the same age (born 2005-2007), and, of course, siblings are always welcome. Moms can just go to Meetup.com and search for Little Friends of North Dallas. When our group comes up, just click on the membership request. Dues are $10 per year." dc