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Listen to This: The New Podcast Inspired By Former President George W. Bush

Here’s why you should listen in

The George W. Bush Presidential Center, located at Southern Methodist University, launched their very own podcast earlier this year, “The Strategerist.”

“The Strategerist” was inspired by former President Bush and his leadership. The podcast name, which might be a little bit a of a tongue twister to pronounce, was inspired by an SNL skit circa 2000. In the skit, Al Gore, played by Darrell Hammond, and Bush, played by Will Ferrell, are in the middle of a presidential debate. The moderator asks the two presidential candidates to sum up in a single word the best term for his candidacy. Bush (aka Will Ferrel) answered, “strategery.” Needless to say, the term stuck, becoming associated with Bush and his administration.

The Center has hosted various visitors throughout the years, from speakers for their Engage at the Bush Center event, policy roundtables or various other events. The Bush Center has three Impact Centers, which focus on Domestic Excellence, Global Leadership and Engagement Agenda. The centers hone in on developing leaders, advancing policy and taking action to solve today’s issues. Hosted by Andrew Kaufman, deputy director of external affairs at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, “The Strategerist” is a way for the Bush Center to share their work and discussions with a larger audience.

Previous show guests have included: American business woman and political figure Carly Fiorina; American businesswoman, author and founder of ARZU Studio Hope Connie Duckworth; award-winning journalist Cokie Roberts; and the first female ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States Roya Rahmani to name a few. In the coming weeks, “The Strategerist” will have President George W. Bush and Jan Langbein, the CEO of the Genesis Women’s Shelter, who was the recent recipient of the George W. Bush Instituted Trailblazer Citation, on the show.

Every show ends with the question, “What do you wish we were all talking about that we aren’t?” to encourage conversations, sometimes heavy and uncomfortable ones, to continue taking place in our community––as a means of advancing our society forward.

Listen to The Strategerist on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play.