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Lift Your Lids

If a woman’s eyes are the windows to her soul, what’s a girl to do if aging gets the best of her eyelids and brow line? Some beauty experts point to consistent waxing, plucking or threading of eyebrows as the culprit of sagging skin above the eyelids. However, Dr. Benjamin Bassichis, a Dallas-based board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, debunks this claim and attributes sagging skin to nothing more than … time.

At his practice, the Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center, Bassichis says some patients want to blame aggressive hair removal for wrinkled eyebrows. “Yet other patients have been waxing for years without expressing any problems,” he says. “The real cause of sagging above the eye is the decrease in volume that is found between the eyelid and the brow bone. As you age, this volume is lost, and this causes the appearance of wrinkles.”

He adds, “There is no research that links waxing or threading to an increase in wrinkles. Many people simply don’t realize that there is a pocket of volume in this skin that will eventually decrease with time, and this deflation can sometimes occur at a faster rate due to high stress.”