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Life Hacks For Moms, From Moms

From convenient apps to how to get the kids to stop fighting over phone chargers, according to our favorite North Texas mompreneneurs

If there’s a way to make the day a little easier, we’re on board. And who better to get advice from than fellow moms? A few of North Texas’ own mompreneneurs gave us their favorite life hacks from how to get their pampering time in and their favorite delivery service to what they’re cooking and more.

Go-To Hack for Pampering

Taking a minute for yourself to get all dolled up (even if you’re not going anywhere) is a great self-care option. But it can be hard to find the time to fit that in. Tiffany Moon, Kameron Westcott and Dallas lifestyle blogger Alicia Wood say they get their “me” time in by using Cherry app for at-home manicures. Use the app to book a nail service that comes right to you when your schedule allows! Super easy.

“Working from home and managing hybrid school schedules, being able to treat myself to a safe manicure and pedicure has been so nice,” Wood says. “I loved the convenience before, but now it truly is the cherry on top of my day! A big bonus for me is that Cherry allows these women to manage their schedules and support their families as well.”

Cookbook Hack

Lynsey Eaton, co-founder of talent management agency Estate Five, likes to pull out one of our favorite cookbooks for the family: The Defined Dish. “I have joked that our quarantine was sponsored by Alex Snodgrass‘ cookbook,” she laughs. “And if we are getting super specific, her taco bake.”

Eaton says this taco bake is the perfect option when you don’t have a lot of time—or energy—to prep a meal. “It requires few ingredients (think taco meat and some vegetables), is healthy, has little prep, only uses one pan and can be eaten directly out of the pan (family style), without silverware,” she says. “Not to mention, it’s a fan favorite with kids and parents. We have it at least once a week, and I count the limited time it takes to make and clean up as the true win.”

Peacemaking Hack

Our personal devices are our everything, are they not? We’re on them so often we’ve needed to write a few articles here on limiting screen time and if blue light is harmful for your kids’ eyes. So when the whole family is in the house, those batteries can get drained, and maybe there aren’t enough chargers to go around. Cue the family charger fight.

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, author and lifestyle blogger, says this charger war is always on at her house. “After the phone charger next to my bed went missing for the hundredth time, I was determined to figure out a way to prevent these petty thefts,” she says. “I tried using stickers but [the kids] would just tear those off, so I ordered a bag of paint pens and let my children decorate [a charger] for each member of the family and one to always stay in the kitchen. Now there is no way to get away with snatching one!” Mission accomplished.

Go-To Delivery App

Raise your hand if you’ve had more food and groceries delivered in the past 11 months than ever before. Because of how often we’ve used delivery services, we’re sure you’ve realized that some services are way better than others. Rae Liu, creative director of Leatherology, says her go-to is Instacart. “[It’s] been a lifesaver for us during the pandemic,” she notes. For $10 a month, Instacart express provides free grocery delivery. (It’s those delivery fees that can really get you, and $10 per month would easily be worth it if you use the app at least three times a month.)

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“Our family was excited about the opening of Eataly,” Liu adds, “which is now on Instacart. It’s a Friday night delivery treat for our family!” Plus, Liu says the app’s reorder function allows her to do their weekly grocery shopping in a few minutes. Easy peasy.

Go-To for Online Shopping

So you may not actually need help in this department—it’s probably safe to say that we’re all online shopping experts at this point (or almost experts)—but if you want to check out something you haven’t used before or need some outfit or home inspiration, try the LTK app (formerly LIKEtoKNOW.it).

President of LTK, the company behind the app, Amber Venz Box says it’s her time-saving way of keeping her wardrobe up to date. “I’ve found a great group of influencers whose style I love, and I use them to source WFH outfits, find new specialty shops for the kids’ clothes and toys and decorate my home office area,” she explains. “I don’t have time to go to the mall or spend hours combing websites; these girls do the work for me.”

Some of her personal favorites include:
@annaaborisovna (German)
@stephaniewaxberg (U.K.)
@thenyblonde (U.S.)
@nicolabathiemclaughlin (San Antonio)
@bornonfifth (Atlanta)
@thebrokebrooke (U.S.)
@annabellefleur (L.A.)

Another way to keep your wardrobe fresh (even if you’re just staying at home) is using The Monogram Club. Missy Rogers Peck, founder of Missy RSVP, says that since her style currently revolves around loungewear and sweaters, she’s made it her mission to “elevate the everyday.”

Personalizing your matching sets or your sweaters makes your clothing choice for the day feel more intentional. “I have even gone so far as to matching personalized sweatshirts with my daughter, Eloise,” she says. You can go to @themonogramclub on Instagram or reach out to info@themonogramclub.com for details.

Are there any companies, apps or places you love for the convenience? Let us know at editorial@dfwchild.com.

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