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Life Cycle

Thanks to the Glide Bikes Super Glider, anyone who can walk can ride a bicycle. The Super Glider’s patented Slow Geometry allows riders with disabilities to maintain a slower balancing speed while they learn to ride on their own. Ed Mondello, inventor of Glide Bikes and the Super Glider, says the lightweight frame and low center of gravity give riders the confidence to learn the fundamentals of balance. “Ed’s ingenious design makes learning how to ride a bicycle fun again, without the hassle of training wheels,” says spokesperson Kevan Kee. “His work with special-needs riders is truly incredible.” The Super Glider fits ages 10 years and up and accommodates heights from 4’6” up to 6’ tall. Pedals can be left on for easy gliding or removed for a lighter Glider, and the bike can be folded for easy storage in less than a minute, then quickly set up and ready to roll!