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Letter From the Editor

Since the birth of my first child — and the birth of my first magazine, DallasChild — I’ve had a (slightly compulsive) knack for research. This hobby of mine has driven me to publish a trio of parenting magazines in the North Texas area. My next step is to address the underserved population of parents who have children with special needs.

This is where DallasThrive picks up: It’s our mission to assist parents of children who have special needs be it a learning difference, physical challenge, development disability  or a critical illness. We will do this by reporting on issues directly related to their lives.

With this first issue, we bring you news on the cutting-edge Interactive Metronome therapy, the dynamics of sibling relationships and a tear-this-out-and-post-it-on-the-fridge feature on how to make your A.R.D. meeting a success for parents, educators and, most of all, your budding student.

Our editors also worked to infuse this edition with inspirational Dallas-area parents with children who have special needs. For instance, Lynn Chase, our Mom Next Door profile, sets a shining example from the skies as a flight transport nurse and at home as a mom of three.

Despite our efforts, we humbly realize that we are not the experts. It is only through your help that we can address the issues really touching your life. We have assembled a group of highly informed and very impressive parents and professionals to help us grasp the realities of living with children with special needs. But we want even more feedback. So, if you’re willing to serve on Thrive’s advisory board, whether it’s by e-mail, phone calls or an early morning breakfast, we’d love to hear what you have to say. We’re committed to seeking the expertise of Dallas’ vast network of professionals and providing you with the most comprehensive guide of local resources — like our searchable online directory — as well as thought-provoking news, practical advice and humor that all parents need to get through the day.

Along with my drive for research, I am passionate about informing parents and advocating for children. I hope to continue these services with the launch of DallasThrive, the newest addition to the DallasChild magazine family.