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Let us be Your Guide

This is my second year putting together “The Everything Issue.” Last year, when we were beginning the lengthy process of finding new resources and updating others, the veteran editors told me that this was an issue moms keep around for an entire year. I laughed. While I tend to be a hoarder (just ask Scott how many times he has reluctantly moved my collection of magazines), I know that minimalism is more the norm among millennial moms who do more research online. But it turns out that even the mom who does everything via her smartphone uses this annual issue as a starting point whether she’s looking for a preschool or lactation consultant, martial arts lessons or a parks and recreation permit.

How do I know? One of the parenting groups I belong to is a collection of parents who didn’t grow up in Dallas or Collin County. We are not part of the born-and-raised community. We all moved here because a job relocated us or to be closer to family or because we needed more space for a growing family. We arrive not knowing where to find child care, midwives or kid-friendly activities. We rely on each other for recommendations and suggestions but that can only get us so far.

Around this time last year, when moms were posting questions about swim lessons, I wrote that our upcoming issue featured over 20 swim lesson listings alone. My inbox blew up. What else could they find in this annual book of answers? They wanted to know. Farmers markets, youth organizations, prenatal massages, kids’ language classes, private schools, contact info for their local representatives, gymnastics lessons and so so so much more. Seriously, whatever you’re looking for, I guarantee we have a resource to help you.

This issue is meant to help you plan, but if you’re looking for something to do right now, fun plans for the weekend or just some ideas on staying cool this month, make your way to our calendar to find lots of family-friendly entertainment options for every day in this month.