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Leather RX

After scooping up the season’s hottest pair of shoes, you do your best to wear your beloved pair with care. But, despite your best efforts, even the most cared for shoes can suffer scuffs, broken heels or worn-out soles. Other leather goods like belts and handbags can showcase similar damage. Instead of rushing out to replace your closet’s gems, call in a cobbler.

That’s right, cobblers can revive your favorite leather boots, stilettos and much more with trained expertise in replacing shoe soles, refinishing leather or fixing ripped stitching. Some shoe repair locations also refurbish leather luggage, handbags and belts—polishing tarnished leather to a shine. And, best of all, most repairs to your cherished pieces cost much less than actually replacing the items, making room in your budget for the next season’s goods.