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Laura Hilton

Although Laura Hilton, 37, felt bad for much of her pregnancy, she looked great. The format of her fashion blog, Love and Sapphires, demanded it. This style maven and her 33-year-old husband, Nick, who works in medical sales, are eagerly anticipating welcoming their daughter to their Lake Highlands home.

Where were you when you found out you were pregnant?
I was at home. It was a Sunday afternoon, and we were sitting on the couch watching TV.
So did you tell Nick immediately?
I did. He actually went and bought the test for me, because I just had a feeling. I took it, went and sat back down on the couch, kind of stunned. He walks through, and I was like, “It was positive.” And he didn’t believe me, and I was like, “I promise. Go in there.” I was a little shocked. We weren’t not trying, but I definitely didn’t expect this.
Have you decided on a name yet?
We haven’t. We’ve come up with a few that we like, but I’m kind of coming to the conclusion that I’m going to have to see her first. So she may be named in the hospital, unless something miraculous happens and a name comes to me that I’m just like, “This is it.”
Is there one food you’ve craved above all others?
I would definitely say Mexican food. I used to live in L.A. after I graduated from college, and there was this one Mexican restaurant that we just absolutely adored, so over Labor Day weekend my husband and I flew to L.A. just so I could eat at this Mexican food restaurant – twice. It’s funny, because my mom and my sister both craved Mexican, which I did not know until I got pregnant and they both had said something. So I thought that was kind of interesting.
My wife’s pregnancies were the same way. She likes to joke that our younger son is half enchiladas.
It’s been such a weird thing, because I was such a healthy eater before I got pregnant. So the initial sickness, which unfortunately lasted for a long time – I mean, I was six months of sickness – completely changed my eating habits, which was so ironic, because I’m thinking that this baby needs all these nutrients, and yet my body did not want anything to do with them. So it was a weird adjustment for me.
So the initial part of the pregnancy was tough?
Very tough. It’s not been pleasant. I was hoping I’d get lucky, and have this amazing pregnancy, but it’s been a little difficult. But the past few weeks – I’m seven months now – in the last few weeks I’ve gotten a little bit of relief, so I’m like, “OK, I can do this. I can handle the rest of this.”
How did you cope with the sickness?
Before I got pregnant, I tried to go to yoga at least five days a week. But I couldn’t do yoga during the first part of my pregnancy due to two cists on my ovaries. After that first trimester, I was able to start again. I still had my sickness up until probably 24 weeks, but it wasn’t as severe as it had been. And honestly, I found that when I was in yoga, I didn’t feel the sickness, which was kind of strange. I don’t know if it was because I was concentrating on something else, and all of my energy wasn’t focused on feeling nauseous.
How did you get into yoga?
I took antidepressants for 15 years before finding yoga, and through the practice I've been able to no longer take the pills and find a way to live a happier life. A lot of things, including my father passing away, contributed to me being on them, and then I was on them for so long that I just stayed on them, until I finally got to a point where I had worked on myself, through yoga. My mind wouldn't go to the places that it used to go. I’m not saying everybody should get off antidepressants and do yoga, but that was my path and what worked for me.
What are you most looking forward to about being a mom?
Just to see who she is. I mean, I always knew I wanted kids, but I was never the girl who just had this burning desire and wanted to have kids starting in my early twenties. I knew I always would, but I didn’t know what that would look like or when that would come. And then, being older, I finally got to a place where I knew I was ready. My sister had kids, and I was a lot better with these kids than I ever thought I would be. This motherly instinct just came from I don’t know where, because I don’t think I knew I had it. [laughs] So, I’m just excited to just know her. I’m excited to see this little bean.

Published October 2015