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How Laura Busby Hale Balances a 9-to-5 Job, a Rock Band and Pregnancy

The marketing manager and musician is grateful for community—and snow cones

The nursery is the sunniest room in their 1940s Lakewood home, Laura Busby Hale reveals as she shows off two sentimental items she and her husband, Curtis, picked out—nursery chimes and a high school pennant. Though Laura, 32, admits to being tired, pregnancy hasn’t slowed her down much: The Pennsylvanian-turned-Texan is a marketing manager for Trademark Property Company and plays bass in the self-styled “Lo-Fi indie rock” band That Dog Don’t Hunt (fronted by her brother Tommy). This month she’ll add motherhood to the mix with the arrival of her first, a girl.

Baby’s coming soon! How are you feeling about that?
I was like, ‘I’m ready!’ And now I’m like, ‘No I’m not. No I’m not.’

Are you still working?
Yes I am. I’m going to keep going until I go into labor.

You’re in a band too. I listened to a couple of your songs—I really like “Soul Shakin’.”
Thanks—I can’t take credit for writing it. My brother wrote that.

Are you going to keep up with the music?
Yeah. Since I’ve been pregnant, she’s been in three shows. It’s funny because I don’t think she cares. She doesn’t move around or anything. It’s like, ‘Of course you don’t think that’s cool.’

What’s your favorite thing in the nursery?
For my shower, two of my hostesses bought us a record player, and then everyone gave albums. Some are signed—like my brother got me this Jenny Lewis one and then put a little message from the uncle. And that was kind of like our guest book, all these albums. And then we both put little things from our mom’s hometown. My mom’s from this small town in Mississippi that’s known for pottery, and these delta bells are from where she’s from. And then his mom is from New Mexico, and this is her old high school pennant.

Have you and Curtis talked about how your relationship might change?
We’ve just said we’d take it one day at a time. But we’re hyperaware. And the nice thing about being a little bit older is all your friends have good advice, like, ‘Hey, make sure you guys still take time,’ or, ‘Make sure you’re hanging out.’

What piece of advice has proved the most useful so far?
Really just making sure I’m still doing stuff, going out with people. I’m definitely getting tired now at the end, but we’re still super active, as much as we can be.

What’s surprised you about being pregnant or about impending mommyhood?
I didn’t know about fourth trimester. I feel like I’ve been [hearing more about it] lately, like, ‘Oh the hot flashes and the depression.’ I was like, ‘Wh—what?’ There was some stuff I just never heard of, because I don’t think people tell you everything. I have a sister that doesn’t hold back and I have a couple friends. One of my good friends is due the day after me, so we’ve been keeping in touch pretty closely. And then I had a couple good friends that had girls too in the spring. So it’s been a nice little community network.

What are you most excited about, about being a mom?
I’m really looking forward to taking her places. I’ve already been mentally thinking, like, what could be our first family vacation, or just coming up with little traditions that’ll be just ours—what we’ll do at Christmas, those little things.

Is there anything you’re particularly nervous about?
Making sure she turns out cool. I just pray, ‘Please be nice, please be nice to other people.’ I’m hoping it turns out OK. I think she’ll be in good hands. She’s got a good community around her.

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