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5 Ideas for Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

Because we know life sometimes gets a little busy

For the guy who’s No. 1 in our hearts, this Sunday, June 18, is all about the man, the myth, the legend—Dad. Of course, it’s impossible to get the father of your children something materialistic that shows you and the kids’ appreciation for all his love and care. So, let’s say you were too invested in finding the perfect gift that you never ended up getting anything, yet? We’ve got five last-minute Father’s Day gifts that are sure to make Dad smile.

Hand It to Him
This is the easiest one on the list: Grab a canvas and paint from the craft store, then have the kids paint their hand and stamp it onto the canvas. The littles can put their names and ages next to their hands along with what they love about Dad. Now he has something he can put by his bed or on the wall that serves as a daily reminder of the love y’all have for him.

Get even craftier by letting the kids paint whatever they want on the canvas, then they can write an endearing message to Dad over their painting with a paint pen. (One of our editors has done this for her dad, and he has kept it on his bookshelf since!)

Piece of (a) Cake
What Dad doesn’t have a little sweet tooth now and then? Grab his favorite cake flavor, and bake up cupcakes. Then have the children decorate them however they want—whether it’s covered in hearts, golf or camo, Dad will enjoy the tasty treat.

We Love You, Dad
For a gift that will really have any Dad on the verge of happy tears, talk to the kids about what their favorite things about Dad is. It could be his heart, his coaching skills, his cooking. Mom, write it all down. Get a good list going, and include your own opinions. Then, simply write or type out all the sweet things everyone said about Dad, and put it in a picture frame. You can start out each sentence with, “My daddy is…” then fill it in with the answers. Whether he brings it to the office or on his nightstand, he can look over and see how much love he has surrounding him every day.

Coupon, Please!
We know the whole coupon book thing can be cheesy, but we’re taking it one step further. This coupon (no book) is simple. You and the little ones can make a coupon that Dad can redeem for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cook up Dad a delicious meal while he relaxes and watches a movie, talks with the family or whatever it is dads do nowadays. Don’t forget a small vase with a flower—men like flowers, too.

Yes, we still believe scrapbooking is alive and well. You already have plenty of photos of the kids with Dad and yourself (and probably way more than you’d like to admit). Why not take them to your local Walgreens or Walmart for same-day printing? Then grab your favorite scrapbooking supplies—could be fishing stickers, comic speech bubbles or sparkly ribbon—and work with the kiddies to compile a flip-worthy album.

This article was originally published in June 2019.

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