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Lake Cliff Park in Dallas

Grade: A (21 points/24 points)

+ Separate areas for ages 2–5 and 5–12
+ Equipment is in good condition
+ Restrooms are available

Children may not be easily viewed.
Platforms do not allow for easy change of direction getting on/off the structure.

Lake Cliff Park is located in historic downtown Oak Cliff and has an extensive history. The 44-acre site was acquired by the city of Dallas in 1914. The site includes scenic views of a lake and plenty of open areas for running around or flying a kite. Baseball fields, basketball courts and picnic areas are also available. The playground area at Lake Cliff scored an A for its safe design and age-appropriate features. The playground area offers three separate play structures: two for children ages 5-12 and one for children ages 2-5. The equipment appears to be well-maintained, and the fall surfacing meets safety requirements. The equipment does, however, have blind spots where parents may not be able to view their children easily. Kids will get excited about the play structure designed to resemble a rocket ship, but it can be difficult to get on or off of it. Restrooms and a pavilion are located near the playground.

Grade based on the National Program for Playground Safety’s Safety Report Card at playgroundsafety.org.

This review was distributed to the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation for further review and/or action.