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How Single Mom and Baker Kristie Benavidez Spends Her Wednesday

Life is sweet for the work-at-home Providence Village mom.

Kristie Benavidez is a single mom to two kids, Luke, 4, and Layla, 1, and runs B Sweet Bakery out of her home in Providence Village. She also has two fur babies, Roxy, a bulldog, and Harley, a black Lab-beagle mix.

6:30AM Wait, it’s 6:30am, and Layla hasn’t woken up yet? That means she has slept through the night two nights in a row. Could this possibly be the start of no more sleepless nights? Since both kids are still sleeping I’m going to go enjoy my coffee in peace. Yay!

6:45AM Well, Layla must have a sixth sense about when I’m trying to relax because now she’s up. At least I was able to get a few minutes to myself.

6:50AM And now Luke is awake too, but he peed in his bed again last night, so I need to hurry up and get his stuff in the washing machine before the morning gets busy and I forget. The joys of being a parent.

7:45AM I make eggs, toast and fruit for breakfast, and Layla devours hers. Luke hardly touches his breakfast, but no surprise there. I’m sure he’s going to ask for a snack as we are walking out the door for school. He has a habit of doing that.

9:20AM Well, we were late again dropping Luke off at school, but what’s new? Why does it take me repeating myself a million times before he actually listens and does what I ask? He has to wear pants to school. I’m not sure how he doesn’t understand that.

10AM Layla and I have been coloring with the Kwik Stix paint sticks. That girl is obsessed. Now if only she could keep the paint on the paper—and not on the walls— that would be fantastic. Now she’s having a meltdown because I put the Kwik Stix away so she could eat a snack.

10:05AM Once she takes a bite of her strawberries, all is good again, and the Kwik Stix have already been forgotten. Yay!

11AM We go for a walk around the block. The weather is actually decent today, so I want to take advantage of it as much as possible.

11:30AM Layla is eating lunch, so while she is eating, I need to start making icing so it’s ready by the time she goes down for a nap. I want a nap.

12PM Naptime. My favorite part of the day. Thank goodness she went down for her nap without any problems. For me, it’s cookie time, but first: coffee. How people make it through the day without multiple cups of coffee, I will never know.

12:30PM I spend way too much time on Pinterest—like, way too much. I start by looking up cookie designs, then I’m looking at crazy cupcake recipes, and somehow I end up reading up on how to build a dog bowl holder. I have Pinterest ADD. And now I have wasted 30 minutes that I should have spent on cookies, but oh well. Now it is time to get to work.

1:30PM Well, I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, although I did waste more time just drinking coffee and daydreaming. I rarely get time to myself, though, so I guess a few minutes wasted doing nothing isn’t that bad, right? Now I need to go wake up Layla so we can go pick up Luke from school. I just hate waking her up, though, because she’s a little scary when she wakes up. That girl does not like being woken up, but honestly who does?

3PM I hate taking the kids with me to the store. I have to pick up a few things for the cookies, and it is seriously so much work taking those two anywhere. Layla is screaming, so I pretty much have to hold her the entire time we are in the store while pushing the cart with one hand, and Luke will not stop asking for a toy or candy. Finally at the register I tell him he can pick out a piece of candy, but he takes too long, and I pay before he picks one. So he has a meltdown, and I walk out of the grocery store with two screaming kids. I know I’m getting quite a few stares, but that’s life, I guess. It is still embarrassing, though.

4:30PM The weather is nice, so I take the kids to walk around the lake and blow bubbles. It is nice to get outside for more fresh air. Of course, Layla is covered in dirt now, but she had fun, and that’s what matters.

6:45PM It’s almost time for the kids to go to bed, and I am counting down the minutes. I love them, but they are exhausting. I can’t cook dinner without Layla crying to be held, and she refuses to do any activities I give her. She finally goes to the living room, and together she and Luke destroy the living room. The toddler tornadoes have struck again.

8:15PM The kids are in bed. That means I have survived another day of motherhood. I really want to relax and make some hot chocolate, but I need to clean up the mess downstairs before going back to cookies. Yay for adulting!

1:15AM I am finally done with the cookies, so I am calling it a day. I can barely keep my eyes open, but I’m loving these cookies, and I can’t wait to show them off.