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Kiddie Summer Fashion Trends in Dallas-Fort Worth

Fashion trends are no longer reserved for the runways of New York, Milan, Paris or London. Celebrity and royal children have made their fashion statement debuts in just the last few years and are impacting trends.

Who can forget North West’s adorable fur coats and tutu-inspired ensembles? Or Blue Ivy Carter rocking a pink suit at the 2017 Grammys? And it’s certainly hard to keep our eyes off the little royals across the pond—Prince George, Princess Charlotte and mini Prince Louis, who are giving preppy style a whole new life.


Although it may be intimidating at first to think of dressing your kids like mini celebs—who, let’s be honest, most likely have their own team of stylists—you can actually dress your kiddies in similar fashions this season without paying through the nose. We talked to experts at local brick-and-mortar stores and a popular online boutique to get in on the summer trends. Read on for tips and insider info that will have your kiddos stylishly standing out from the crowd at camp this summer.


Eden Lifestyle Boutique curator Emily Herbold has spotted bold, colorful designs and eclectic patterns in her Frisco store this season.


“We’re seeing cute vintage patterns, gingham and fruit-inspired designs,” says Herbold. “Lots of bright colors along with fun fabrics such as eyelet lace and embroidery.”


Though skirts, shorts and blouses are all stylish options, dresses are the go-to silhouette to keep your little girl cool and comfortable during the summer heat. “We’re seeing some really cute drop-waist dresses,” Herbold says.


The experts at Maisonette, co-founded by Vogue Magazine alumnae Sylvana Ward Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Rocha, agree that prints are dominant this season, from florals to liberty prints and romantic ruffles in soft and vibrant colors. The key is to stick with easy silhouettes (again—think dresses!). The kids can add personality in the pattern and color.


Trends seen at Eden and Maisonette also carry over to Layette boutique in Dallas. Prominent patterns include strawberries, sailboats and cherries, according to Layette store manager Lori Lilley. Aside from frilly patterns, Lilley has noticed a lean toward traditional and timeless pieces, such as A-line dress silhouettes and Peter Pan collars. These emerging trends can be attributed to a certain royal family.

“When my 16-year-old daughter was born, there was a trend that was wild, leopard, feathers. Now, things are much more traditional,” Lilley says, adding that we can thank our friends across the pond for this particular fad.


“We carry a brand called Rachel Riley. The royal family will put their children in some of her pieces, and when they do, our phone goes crazy—people want that exact outfit,” she reveals.


Investing in these traditional pieces will not only have your little girl looking like the next Princess of Cambridge, but also stand the test of times when it comes to taking those family portraits.


Although the boys have fewer silhouettes to choose from than girls, they can still get creative with bold prints, patterns and perhaps a few accessories. (Suspenders and bow ties, anyone?) Eden is currently carrying bold prints like colorful cars and mini dinosaurs in little man T-shirts.


“We’re seeing bold graphics and prints when it comes to graphic tees,” Herbold says. “There’s a hint of native artistry and multicultural looks happening with boys’ fashion. You’re also going to see once-formal Oxford shirts going casual for little boys’ wardrobes.”


Trends at Maisonette are also leaning toward loud statements. Their favorites are from brands like Tiny Whales, Finger in the Nose and Munster kids.


Lori Lilley at Layette is seeing boys’ clothes move toward a more preppy look.


The whole Vineyard Vines craze changed the trend from longer shorts to shorter shorts,” she says. “There’s a saying that [fashion trends] always come back. I think it’s more sort of ’60s and ’70s—that length of the shorts are shorter.”


The royals also have had a say in the way little men dress for formal occasions—gone are the days of strictly dressing your little boy up in a mini suit jacket and pants for a formal event.


“Flat-front pants rather than pleated. The royal family has made shorts for a dressy occasion popular again,” Lilley says. “There will be velvet shorts with knee socks and even a blazer. I would say, even three years ago, that wasn’t popular.”

And, a popular go-to for the summer? Navy seersucker shorts.  


“It’s kind of just a basic go-to. Even for people that aren’t into fashion but want to dress their boys cute, that’s just a no-brainer,” Lilley says. “It’s a neutral, so you can put any color shirt with it.”


As we know, a basic rule of fashion is taking something old and making it new again. This principle applies in current boy and girl trends, according to Herbold.

“We’re really seeing the retro-meets-modern look in both boys’ and girls’ clothing,” Herbold says. “Vintage-inspired with sweet modern touches in outfits that can be dressed up or dressed down for playtime.” For example, mix and match pieces frilly tops with eyelet patterns and solid-colored shorts for the girls. For the boys, pair those velvet shorts with a dainty patterned button down.



For precious littles, it’s all about the oh-so-adorable accessories—after all, accessories for tiny tots never go out of style.


“Bow ties, bows, bonnets and suspenders—anything that adds a little something to your baby’s wardrobe,” Herbold says.


Functional and stylish pieces are also in such as teething jewelry, according to Herbold.


“Dainty dresses, vintage fabric rompers and bloomers are all coming back as well,” she adds. “For baby boys, classic black and white, and greys.”


The experts at Maisonette notice that there is a lot of novelty going on in baby fashion. There are now more options for babies to sport other than onesies. One of their brands, Louis Louise, carries adorable bloomer sets for both boys and girls.