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Keep it Clean

In addition to your nine-to-five shift as Working Mom, you labor to keep your family running smoothly – packing lunches, kissing boo-boos and edging out a little time for your spouse. When you’re zooming from errands to school to office (and back), it can be hectic to drop off and pick up dry cleaning (yet, without this service you’re left with little to wear).

Keep things simple: Enlist a home dry-cleaning delivery service to take this annoying chore off of your to-do list. Offered by Dallas-based companies such as Benchmark Clean, Bibbentuckers and Comet Cleaners, it’s becoming a not-so-undiscovered timesaving perk.

After registration with the companies, you can customize your schedule and location. Then, all you have to do is pack your garment bag with dirty clothes and place it in a pre-determined drop-off location, like your back porch. The delivery truck will discreetly swoop up your clothes and promptly return them after cleaning.

After you nix the cleaners from your list of little-annoying-things-I-must-do, maybe you’ll even find time to buy that new (dry-clean only) frock.