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Katy Lopez

Lifetime Lakewood resident Katy Lopez has a lot of balls in the air right now: She works as an analytical researcher at a Dallas law firm, and until recently, she was moonlighting as a caterer and personal chef. Oh, and on top of all that, she’s seven months pregnant with her first child. Katy and her husband, Josue, a technical recruiter in IT whom she met in high school 17 years ago, are anticipating the arrival of their baby boy with well-documented and barely-contained glee.

Do you have a name yet?
William Luis, both family names. My dad’s name is William, and Josue’s grandfather’s name is Luis. We’re getting in both sides of the family so everyone’s happy.
Did you always want kids?
I did. I always knew I wanted kids, but I also knew that I wanted to wait and not have kids right away. I definitely think we want more than one, but I don’t really know. We’re just going to see where things go from here.
Tell me about finding out you were pregnant. Where were you?
I was at home. This is actually kind of funny. We were leaving to go to New York that day. My brother and my sister-in-law live in Manhattan. My parents, my sister and her fiancé and me and my husband were leaving that morning to visit them for my brother’s birthday. I know that we like to do a lot of fun dining and drinking when we go to New York and I thought, “I should just take a pregnancy test to be responsible since I know the next four days are going to be a party.” I didn’t even tell my husband I was taking the test because I thought I was being crazy. We hadn’t been trying to get pregnant for that long. I hadn’t even missed my period yet. I thought, “I’m just going to do this to give myself a little peace of mind.” Within six seconds, the test turned pregnant.
What was going through your mind in that moment?
Well I just thought, “I’ve got about one hour before we leave for the airport to tell my husband that I’m pregnant and then get our acts together because we’re about to be with family and we aren’t going to tell people right away.”
How did you tell your husband?
I went and found a gift bag and some tissue paper and wrapped up the pregnancy test. I told him that I had gotten him a present for the trip. I set up a GoPro in the kitchen so that I could sneakily record his reaction. I had him open the present. He had no idea what he was getting into. It was cute. He’s definitely the more emotional one of the two of us. He started crying. He was pretty excited. Then we had about 30 minutes to get it together before my parents got there.

What was your cover story going to be for the rest of the family?
We ended up just telling them. We decided we were going to have to because they were going to see right through whatever we told them. We just decided to tell them all together. It actually ended up being great timing because it was going to be the only time the family would be together in one place before Christmas.
How did your family react?
We were taking a group picture and set a self-timer. My husband said “Katy is pregnant” right when the picture went off. But my husband is a very sarcastic person so the room went completely silent. No one knew if he was serious or if it was a joke. You watch all these YouTube videos, and usually people are screaming. For us, it just went completely silent because no one believed him. Once they realized he was telling the truth, everyone got really excited.
What’s been the most surprising thing about your pregnancy so far?
Probably how tired it makes me. In the first trimester, I felt like I had narcolepsy. I would sit at my computer at work and my head would just roll off my shoulders. I would go climb stairs to wake up and get my blood pumping, then I’d come back and five minutes later, I’d be zonking out again. It was uncontrollable.
Did you do anything to adjust your routine?
I was sleeping more than I ever have during my first trimester. I would come home from work and take at least an hour-long nap. I’d get up and do some stuff in the evening but then be back in bed two hours before my usual bedtime.
Any morning sickness?
I got sick for a couple of days. I would just get super nauseous if I hadn't eaten something in a while. I carried around a granola bar or crackers in my purse. The second I started to feel nauseous, I’d eat something and then I’d feel fine. In my second trimester, I got crazy heartburn. But if I avoided certain acidic foods, it was totally manageable.
What’s the trick for dealing with heartburn?
Ginger beer actually really helped. Also ginger ale or any other type of super gingery product. Mainly, avoiding acidic foods — tomatoes seem to be the worst.
Any weird cravings?
I have been in to sweet stuff way more than I usually am. Typically, I’m into the savory stuff more than the sweet stuff. I haven’t had any super specific cravings or anything weird. But I’ve been having a lot of frozen yogurt. I’m obsessed with frozen yogurt right now.
How have you been keeping active during the pregnancy?
Walking around the neighborhood. We’ve been doing a lot of projects around our house and that definitely count as exercise. I haven’t been doing a ton of intense workouts. I did a lot of kickboxing before I got pregnant, but it’s really high-impact. It’s probably not the best form of exercise for the baby.
What are your husband’s feelings on having a boy?
The funny thing is whenever I asked him before we knew the sex, he said he wanted a girl. That really surprised me. I know he would have been excited either way. I thought it was a boy all along.
How are you preparing for having a little boy?
We’ve been working on the house a lot. We’re turning a guest bedroom into a nursery. We’ve been painting and throwing stuff out. It’s been a lot of purging and getting more organized.
What’s the nursery going to look like?
It’s all black, white and gray. It’s got an animal theme sort of like a wild safari. We found these really cool resin animal heads from Z Gallerie that we’ve hung above the crib. We also found wall decals that are from a website called WallsNeedLove (wallsneedlove.com). You can unstick them when you tire of them, but it actually looks like the wall is painted. We opted for black triangles.
Any labor and delivery fears?
I’m a little nervous but not really scared. I’m maybe a little scared about the process of labor and it taking a long time. But you figure that people do it everyday and people have multiple kids so it can't be so terrible. Nervous, excited, not too freaked out. I try not to do too much research.  
What are you most looking forward to about motherhood?
Just to see how I change and grow into a different person. I want to see how my relationship with my husband changes after 17 years of it just bring the two of us. I’m excited to see how our dynamic changes with another person in it.
Are you nervous about finding balance with work after the baby comes?
I just recently stopped the catering [she gave it up when she entered her third trimester]. It’s one of those things that I really love to do but I don’t have to do. It’s a hobby. I’ll get three months off of work for maternity leave and then I’ll go back. The law firm is really great and wants to make life easy for everyone. As long as everything is getting done, they’re totally OK.
Have your maternal instincts started to kick in?
Definitely the whole nesting and organizational thing, but I’m kind of like that to begin with. It might be at a new level. I’ve been more calm about things. When something happens, I think, “Is this is a big deal or something that I can just deal with and move on?” It’s definitely an important perspective check.
What’s been the best thing about your pregnancy so far?
Probably how excited my husband is about it. I can see him really switching into dad mode.
Any advice for other new moms-to-be?
Enjoy it as much as you can, and prepare for things before you think you need to. About halfway through my pregnancy, I reached out to a couple of day cares. I thought I was doing it so early, but a lot of places already had 55 people on the waitlist for that time frame.
How has your relationship with your husband changed since you found out that you’re pregnant?
With every big life change, there’s this phase where you’re really excited. It’s that phase of anticipation like when you’re planning a wedding. I think it’s nice to have that in a different element. Having a baby is a completely new experience, which is kind of hard to come by when you’ve been together for so long.