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How Little Elm Mom and Nurse Practitioner Katie Anderson Spends Her Thursday

This mom takes care of more than her family; she also cares for other families in DFW.

Katie Anderson lives in Little Elm with her art director husband of five years, Kirk. They have an almost 3-year- old son, Luke, plus another addition to the family due in September. When Katie is not taking care of her family, she is working as a full-time family nurse practitioner in Cross Roads at Be. Women’s Health and Wellness.


6AM Alarm goes off…up and at ’em! Who am I kidding? I hit the snooze button…twice.

6:22AM OK, I finally surrender to the alarm. Time to get up and get ready for the day ahead.

7AM Moving fast. (I shouldn’t have hit that snooze button.) I work on making Luke’s lunch and throw some things together for my own, and then on to prepping breakfast. Luke is up. I get his teeth brushed and get him dressed and ready for day care as efficiently as you can with an energetic and squirming toddler. It’s almost like an early morning workout, right? My mother arrives early to pick up Luke and take him to day care, and she brought coffee. Bless her.

7:30AM Quick snuggles and kisses for Luke, then I’m out the door for my morning drive to work. I immediately start listening to one of my favorite medical podcasts to “warm up” my brain for the day ahead. This morning’s topic is on dementia and age-related cognitive decline. I wonder to myself, Is there such a thing as motherhood-induced cognitive decline? Maybe the coffee just hasn’t hit me yet.

7:45AM I arrive at work. I quickly glance at my schedule; it’s going to be a busy day. Lucky for me, I have a nurse-practitioner student with me today to help with the patient load. I typically accept one to two students per semester. I enjoy acting as a clinical instructor for students and do so regularly. It really keeps me on my toes and strengthens my own clinical practice.

8AM Time to start my morning patient rounds. I have an almost full schedule today, but this quickly changes as patients start calling for same-day sick visits. The flu is rampant right now.

12:30PM I come up for air. Time to catch up on charting, phone calls, ordering tests, medications and more labs to review. I also use this time to go over our morning with my student and discuss any important teaching points. Oh, and we eat lunch too.

1:30PM Back to clinic for the afternoon. It looks a little lighter than this morning (phew!). One of my favorite roles as a family nurse practitioner is helping patients prevent illness by teaching them about healthy lifestyle choices and disease prevention and providing information for people to take control of their health.

5:15PM Wrap-up time in clinic. I finish up a few loose ends, then head home to enjoy the evening with my boys.

5:30PM I make it home. We have a “phones down” policy we try to implement to the best of our ability. I try to put down the cell and give 100% to this eeting family time. I have a work-hard, play-hard mentality. I truly enjoy my work (and I work hard), but after work it is my time to spend with family.

7PM I start working on dinner. Tonight’s menu: spaghetti with sausage. Luke has decided to boycott the dinner selection, so it takes more time tonight than it typically should. Why do toddlers love something one day then refuse to eat it the next? Hopefully, this picky-eating thing is just a phase.

7:45PM Kirk takes care of the dishes. I take Luke to bathe and scrub off the spaghetti he has managed to smear onto every inch of his face. (Really, though, did he eat any?) After his bath, he likes to run off (usually stark naked) to his dad and play a quick game of hide-and-go-seek where I must always be the one to seek them. It’s tradition.

8:15PM Luke is cozy in his PJs. We snuggle up to read a few books, his favorite Matchbox car by his side. His two favorite books right now are Where Do Steam Trains Sleep at Night? (by Brianna Caplan Sayres) and I Am a Big Brother (by Caroline Jayne Church). The latter is an attempt to get him ready for the new baby due in September. He loves the book, but I’ll be honest, I don’t think any book can truly prepare him (or Kirk and me, for that matter).

8:45PM After reading his books, Luke kisses Daddy goodnight, and I take him up to bed. He sweetly asks me to hold his hand for a minute. I happily oblige. Then, I quietly sneak downstairs for some me time.

8:58PM Just kidding. Luke is calling for me. Apparently he’s suddenly afraid of the dark. I must remember to Amazon Prime a nightlight. He asks me to hold his hand for just a little bit longer.

9:15PM My husband’s ice hockey game this evening has been canceled. He has been playing since he was a child and absolutely loves the sport. Apparently the Zamboni burned a hole in the ice. I’m not sure how that happens, but I’m also glad that we have the rest of the evening to spend together.

9:30PM We muster up the energy to complete a quick weightlifting workout together followed by an episode of Narcos on Netflix. I really like this show, but there are so many subtitles.

10:45PM I shower and crawl into the most impossibly comfortable bed. I check some emails, read articles that I’ve bookmarked and respond to some missed text messages.

11:15PM Lights out. I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow. And I most certainly don’t snore. My husband simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.