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Kally Walton

Many things come with a handy how-to guide—video game consoles, furniture that arrives in boxes, kitchen appliances, the list goes on. But when it comes to something as important as raising kids, it’s an entirely different story. “These guys didn’t come with instruction manuals!” Kally Walton playfully laments. The owner of the Fort Worth branch of Facelogic Spa and mother of two (Grant, 22 months; Reid, 4 months) speaks about both her boys with refreshing honesty. “Supermom” is a title she’s comfortable not wearing on a daily basis. She describes motherhood as a “work in progress” and confesses that she tends to take things a step at a time. Though she appears perfectly put together, wearing flats, designer jeans and a loose fitting sweater, Walton laughs about her sense of style (practical and relaxed) and doesn’t appear to take herself too seriously. “With spit up and little runny noses, my wardrobe is cotton and washable!” She even confesses to owning what she calls “mom shoes”—her Sketcher Shape-Ups that she wears on family walks around the neighborhood or to the park. But along with her humor, Walton reveals a sentimental side that any child would be lucky to be the focus of. Each week, Walton takes the time to handwrite “love notes” to both sons in leather-bound journals she purchased for each of them. “I enjoy writing. And I hope one day they enjoy reading it.” She laughs and says that some notes are more comical than others, such as the entry she penned for Grant, “Dear Grant, You are deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner.”  

Fortunately, Walton’s husband, Austin, shares her sense of humor. “He has wit like you’ve never seen! He cracks me up,” says Walton. Her husband runs Austin Walton Productions, his Fort Worth-based video production company. The Cowtown couple not only share the same penchant for a good joke, they both take the same approach on child rearing, despite their different backgrounds. “Austin and I grew up on opposite ends of the spectrum, yet we are on the exact same page when it comes to parenting—which we agree is somewhere in the middle.”

Since becoming a mother in November of 2008, Walton, who claims ownership to an “impulsive” personality, says structure and organization have become essential in successfully balancing home and work. “We piece it together some days but we get it done.”  She confesses that life is about others now. “I’ve become less selfish…or at least I’m trying to be.”  

Walton humbly admits to her greatest achievement in life being two-fold.  “As women we play many different roles, and I think there are triumphs in each of them.”  Owning a business in her 20s is an accomplishment she speaks proudly of, but when the conversation turns to her boys, her face lights up with enthusiasm.  “Caring for my children—teaching and training them—now, that is a big achievement!” Candid as always, Walton admits an amazing amount of patience goes into parenting, but adds, “it’s more than worth it.”

So how did this devoted, down-to-earth mom become a spa maven? Like many 15 year-olds, Walton’s teenage years wreaked havoc on her skin. Ironically, it was this tumultuous time in her teens that gave birth to her fascination with facials—an interest that eventually set the entrepreneur on a mission to provide Fort Worth spa aficionados reasonably priced services. With warmth and a glow only an accomplished mother can show, she says she is motivated everyday by the business. “I love it. I get to meet and visit with so many interesting women. It’s truly inspiring to hear their stories!”

Today the grateful mom and savvy business owner remains optimistic, despite her sometimes frazzled state-of-mind. More importantly, she is living out her dreams. “I don’t think life gets any better than this. I have the freedom that comes with owning a business and a family I’m crazy about.”