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Julee Snead

Born in Idaho, raised in Michigan and now based in Corinth, mom Julee Snead dedicates her days to her family and community. 


A true Texan since her teens, Snead graduated at the University of North Texas. Not long after college, she met her husband, Doug—who got down on one knee and proposed a mere 25 days after their first date! The couple stayed in Austin for seven years where they both worked (Doug as an electrical engineer and Snead as a technical recruiter) until 2002, when their son, Preston, was born. “We were literally driving to Dallas to see family every other weekend, and my cell phone bill was sky high. Doug decided it was time for us to move back home.” After returning to North Texas, Snead retired from the world of recruiting and in 2004, she welcomed their second son, Dylan, to the family. Preslee, their daughter, was born in 2007 and the proud mother jokes that she is well protected by her brothers.


Snead got her start in the realm of volunteering while lending a helping hand when Preston started pre-school at Faith Lutheran Day School as a Room Mom (and shortly after, the Room Mom Coordinator). But when the generous mother of three recognized the need for a school PTA, she took matters into her own hands in order to establish one. “I oversaw the budget, planning birthday lunches for the teachers, fundraising for the school—and this fall I managed the Fall Festival, which 400 people attended!” This job entailed coordinating food and refreshments, the silent auction and generating sponsors and community involvement. She also volunteers at Faith Lutheran Church as a Sunday school teacher, a hospitality committee member and this year, she served as chair of Vacation Bible School. Snead says if she can help, she will. “It’s just what I love to do!”


For Snead, being a parent means learning to let go—a fair trade considering what she gets in return. She says with the certainty only a mother can know, “You can’t control every aspect of life once you have kids. … The house, for instance—I’m not as concerned with keeping everything spotless. I mean, I have three little tornados running around all the time!” Snead adds, “The biggest struggle of motherhood for me is carving out enough moments in the day for quality time with all three of them. As a mom I’ve never worked so hard in all my life, but it’s the most rewarding work ever. When one of my children smiles and says, ‘Mommy, I love you,’ my heart just melts.”