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Jenny’s Mommy Must-Haves

1. Now that I’m back to work, I often have to pump in the back of a live truck or in a public restroom. The Spectra 9 Plus Electric Breast Pump is small, portable and doesn’t have to be plugged in.

Spectra 9 Plus Electric Breast Pump, $180 // Multiple locations (Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond // spectrababyusa.com

2. I’m embarrassed to say how confused I was by the carseat installation process. All you have to do is make an appointment with Children’s Health, and you can get your seat checked for free.

3. I use the Ninja Blender to make Brighton’s baby food. I steam her veggies, let them cool, blend them and freeze them.

Ninja Blender, $199.99 // Multiple locations (Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond) // ninjakitchen.com

4. Baby Shusher was one of the only things that kept her calm for the first several months.

Baby Shusher, $34.99 // Multiple locations (Buy Buy Baby, Sugarland Express) // babyshusher.com

5. Baby Tracker was our lifeline in the first few months. We kept track of all of her naps, feedings, diapers, etc.

Baby Tracker, Free // Apple App Store and Google Play // nighp.com/babytracker

6. We go everywhere with the BOB Fitness Stroller. It’s so smooth and folds up easily.

BOB Fitness Stroller, $479.99 // Multiple locations (Buy Buy Baby, Amazon) // bobgear.com

7. My husband and I watched Happiest Baby in the wee hours of the night as we were trying to learn how to soothe Brighton.

8. I pump in the middle of the night and at work so I needed a bra that I can wear to sleep and work. The Rumina Pump and Nurse Bra fits the bill.

Rumina Pump and Nurse Bra, from $28 // Multiple locations (Walmart, Amazon) // ruminaformoms.com

9. Brighton busted through most of her sleepers. Owlivia Sleepers are the only brand that held up and didn’t get holes in the toes.

Owlivia Sleepers, from $15 // Multiple locations (Buy Buy Baby, Target) // owlivia.com

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