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Jenny Davis

OCCUPATION: Editor of Indulge and a licensed (but not practicing) attorney

PERSONAL STATS: Jenny, who studied German during her undergrad years at Arizona State University, couldn’t imagine becoming a language teacher after college. So, instead, she went on to study law at Southern Methodist University. After passing the Texas bar at 20-something, she practiced law for just 18 months. “My heart just wasn’t in it,” she says. She came off of a complex (and exhausting) litigation, and looked wistfully toward print. After serving as editor of Where magazine and Texas Lawyer, she met and married her husband, Steve, who’s a pulmonary critical care physician. The newlyweds moved to Chicago (where they lived for eight years) and Jenny wrote for a national alegal paper and several local magazines. She also added “stylist” to her resume by working behind-the-scenes at photo shoots. The Davis duo welcomed two girls into their family, Ellie, 6, and Coco, 5. Now, back in Fort Worth (her husband’s hometown) Jenny signed on as Indulge magazine’s editor in August 2009.

A DAY IN YOUR SHOES IS: “… Exhilarating. I am usually zipping around town pulling merchandise, interviewing sources, scouting locations or styling a fashion or home shoot. This flexibility [to be out of the office] also allows me to volunteer at my daughter’s school, where I’m a kindergarten room mom. I love knowing [my kids’] friends and being a part of what they do. Because I’m in and out, though, I have to catch up with work at night or early in the morning—I do most of my writing when my family is asleep and the house is quiet.”

YOUR KIDS’ VIEW OF YOUR JOB: “They love picking out things for the models. They’ve been to the studio and I sometimes get samples sent to our home. When we’re out and about, Ellie will find something and say, ‘Wouldn’t this look cute on a model?’”

MOST INFLUENTIAL ON YOUR CAREER: “Taking the bar exam. I passed in Texas and in Illinois—it was so hard. It was a triumph of will, and I thought, ‘If I can do that, then I can do anything.’ Starting my career as a lawyer taught me discipline and work ethic. I learned how to work without ego and on deadline.”

FAVORITE FAMILY HANGOUT: “When we’re all together, we tend to circle the wagons and stay at home. Steve likes to cook with the girls, and I direct our very rudimentary crafts. We also play a lot of games. The girls love Shopping Cart, Memory Match game and Connect 5. They also love puzzles, and our dining room table often stays covered for weeks with the latest effort.”

LIFE LESSON LEARNED FROM MOTHERHOOD: “To be mentally present. Physical presence means nothing if you’re not engaged. My kids are goofy, funny people, so it’s not a challenge to be present. As they become older, it’s less of a physical challenge and more of a mental challenge to keep up with them.”

YOUR PARENTING STYLE: “I think we have a lot of fun together as a family, but Steve and I realized early on that our boundaries and our schedules have to be set in stone. We’re flexible within the limits we’ve set, but schedules like bedtime routines are generally inflexible. Parenting two spirited girls so close in age is a challenge, and it can test your resolve as a parent. Kids are like velociraptors—they build and they learn … you have to stay a step ahead of them.”

STRATEGY TO STRIKING A WORK-LIFE BALANCE: “I am incredibly fortunate in that I love my job, but that my job is also very flexible. If I need a haircut, for example, I just juggle my schedule or bring my laptop to the salon. I look at every day as a 24-hour period to be scheduled, but I also have to be mindful to keep my workaholic tendencies in check.”