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jasmine mitchell with her family

Jasmine Mitchell’s Favorite Things About McKinney

miles of trails, waterfront views and a neighborhood concierge

“McKinney is full of greenery and life,” shares resident Jasmine Mitchell. “The streets are lined with mature and gorgeously full trees. Anywhere you go, you are sure to be immersed in nature’s beauty.” That beauty is one of many reasons Mitchell (a registered nurse who serves as quality improvement coordinator and clinical research coordinator at Texas Health Frisco) and husband Brandon (a field rep for Dixon Golf) chose this community to raise son Karter, 2.

Favorite Family Restaurant: Our favorite restaurant is at Legacy West in Plano. True Food Kitchen provides delicious anti-inflammatory food options that can be enjoyed guilt-free. They have so many amazing dishes. 7601 Windrose Ave., Suite 100, Plano; 214/291-9591

Best Park: Bonnie Wenk Park is by far the best outdoor park and green space in the area, if not all of North Texas. The park includes miles of trails, a dog park, splash pad, outdoor workout equipment and several playground areas with very unique play features. 2996 Virginia Parkway, McKinney; 972/547-7480 

Favorite Family Outing: We enjoy visits to the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary. This unique attraction is a hidden gem, not known to many outside the area. It is full of fun trails, hosts learning events for children, houses many outdoor animals, and includes a museum, park and playground. 1 Nature Place, McKinney; 972/562-5566 

Courtesy Harry’s On the Harbor

Go-To for Going Out: Harry’s at the Harbor is a restaurant with beautiful scenery; its patio overlooks the water. It is located within Adriatica Village, located on a private lake in the Stonebridge Ranch community. 6601 Mediterranean Drive, McKinney; 214/592-0240 

Self-Care Spot: Adriatica does it again! Siena Massage is also in Adriatica. This business is known for providing a five-star guest experiences and service. 230 Adriatic Parkway, McKinney; 972/548-8338 

How They Get Active: McKinney is unique in that it truly has a culture that promotes an active lifestyle. Every weekend, you will see water stops set out for anyone who comes by. Residents value this way of life and exercise patience as bike clubs cycle through the streets. We love to talk walks and go for jogs up to our neighborhood park. We feel safe as drivers give way willingly.

Courtesy City of McKinney

For Cooling Off: McKinney’s Apex Centre is the best! It features indoor and outdoor swimming and fun. 3003 Alma Road, McKinney; 972/547-2739 

How They Give Back: I have volunteered at the Collin County Animal Shelter, and we give to several organizations that support the causes we hold dearest to our hearts. LifePath Systems provides an array of services to help and give hope to Collin County residents. Collin County Animal Shelter, 4750 Community Ave., McKinney; 972/547-7292; LifePath Systems, 1515 Heritage Drive, McKinney; 972/562-0190 

Why Her Neighborhood is Great for Families: Our neighborhood, Shiloh Ranch, has a safe environment, genuinely kind residents and culture of openness and inclusion. You would think the neighborhood belongs in a movie as close as all of the neighbors are! We love our neighbors and their children and value the closeness and sense of security we found when we moved in. The neighborhood is also home to the Shiloh Ranch Concierge Service, which includes options for lawn care, flag mounting, handyman services and Christmas light installation. 469/300-1196

How She Met Her Mom Friends: I am lucky to have met many moms in the neighborhood as well as in my role at Texas Health Frisco. Many of my colleagues have already moved or are in the process of moving to this area. They’re recognizing the charm and delight of McKinney.

Featured photo courtesy of Kathy Tennison, Kathy Lynn’s To Capture a Moment.